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Three weeks ago, when all the other doors had been locked and the people within them had fallen asleep, a woman who just celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday opened her closet and took the hangers off of the rack. 712 more words

As I sit and tonight and look around my apartment with the contents mostly in boxes…..I cannot help but reflect of my life here in New York City. 224 more words

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Packing Up to Go Home

Packing Up To Go Home

Another season in paradise-how many more will there be? I am packing up my suitcase to go back—Home? I’m not sure any more. 570 more words


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to pack I go...

Next time I decide to move across the world can someone just pack all my stuff up for me FOR FREE?  K, thanks!

I swear if I make it through the next 3 days without going crazy it will be a miracle, because the amount of stress involved in packing up your WHOLE LIFE is insane. 939 more words


Paying hom(e)age

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Moving is quite an interesting animal, some days you can’t wait to start packing and other days you linger a little longer than necessary when hearing that familiar sparrow outside your window chatting to an approaching storm. 256 more words

Day 34: My Life On The Move

I haven’t lived in the same home for more than a year since 2009. I haven’t lived in one place for more than two years since I was in high school, so 2005. 900 more words


My Youngest Daughter packed up her Little Treasures and said Goodbye to her Bedroom

My youngest daughter was five years old when she moved to this house.  She shared a room with her older sister for a few years.  Then she had the big room all to herself.   222 more words