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Fancy Notepads

I was doing a spot of shopping recently and saw something not many people would get excited about. I found a notebook. I don’t mean a mini laptop, I mean an actual paper notebook. 255 more words

After Tonight, I Just Can't Be Alone

While I consistently read the new stuff that comes out when it comes out (with occasional delays for other plans in that Wednesday/Thursday time-frame), I’m pretty haphazard in my reading of the enormous set of back issues I’ve picked up in the last few months. 1,227 more words


USF4 : Chun-Li's Lightning Legs on Xbox 360 Controller

Here’s something I stumbled across in Training Mode while playing around with Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs on a pad.

Also, pseudo-announcement of my ability to now make videos with direct capture. 38 more words

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FINISHED: Pond Complete, High Tunnel Pad Leveled

WOWIE ZOWIE — 3 weeks to the day. We’ve spent most of the Kickstarter money we will receive around Sept. 12th, but it is done and really ahead of time. 249 more words

Farm Activities

"Hiawatha", Translated Into Sammyspeak, by Sammy The Gat

“Song of Howyadoin'”

By the grains of Double G
By the hopped-up Big-Blue-Drink
Hung the cool pad of Nokomis
Birth Chick of the Orb, Nokomis. 53 more words

Short Fiction

The ArtAssist Device: "Silly" New Therapies that Gained Credibility

I recently wrote an editorial for the Summer 2014 issue of VEIN Magazine:

Silly new therapies that gained credibility
For most people, their beliefs are not subject to change unless they see something for themselves, and even then, initially, they cannot believe their eyes.

195 more words
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

I Never Strayed from You My Dear, but You Suspect I'm Somewhere Else

Just for fun, my planned reads for the week, outside new issues:

I’m already almost done with it, but Peter David’s The Atlantis Chronicles is definitely on the bill, to be shortly followed by  313 more words