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Why do we need the "new" keyword when creating an array?

Maybe I’m asking this incorrectly, but I’m primarily wondering what is the difference between creating an array with and without the “new” keyword? When is it appropriate to use? 78 more words


It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966) Review

I think everyone has a tradition when they come to decide what scary movies or shows they will watch during the October Month, Personally I watch John Carpenters Halloween  and I also enjoy sitting down and watching some of my favourite episodes of the Twilight Zone which was created by the Fantastic Rod Sterling. 698 more words

Watch your feet padawan.

Is it just me, or do most people¬†ignore the idea that balance exists? Or if they do try to balance ideas, they keep comparing apples to oranges… Hmm. 287 more words

parseFloat with toFixed() returning a rounded #, not the actual numeric [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

When I remove the toFloat the full value appears 333.999769679 but with the toFixed(2) I get 334.00. 78 more words


The Asymmetric Side of Master Blaster

A few days ago I emailed and asked advice from an old colleague of mine that I very much respect and was partially mentored by. I say partially mentored because I worked for him a while back, but it was more of a “Watch me and learn from my subtle ways!” than a young… 406 more words

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