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The Asymmetric Side of Master Blaster

A few days ago I emailed and asked advice from an old colleague of mine that I very much respect and was partially mentored by. I say partially mentored because I worked for him a while back, but it was more of a “Watch me and learn from my subtle ways!” than a young… 406 more words

Business Relationships

7 Lessons Learned From 7 Months With a Rattail

1. Cowboy hats and Padawan Braids don’t mix.

2. No, in fact, I don’t care what the random guy at the bar thinks of my chosen hairstyle. 82 more words

Frozen (2013) Review

Lets talk about Disney’s Latest number one hit Frozen

Am I the only person who thinks this movie is overrated?

I’m not saying that Frozen is a bad movie, I actually find it to be very entertaining, but the fact that I really enjoy a movie doesn’t mean that it has no flaws and in my opinion frozen has quite a few. 1,010 more words