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Attack on Titan S1 E12 Wound

This episode was Fantastic everything was done right.

Erin has had both of his hand sliced by Mikasa in order to try and prevent his out of control and dangerous behaviour, Erin goes down and Mikasa notices that his limbs are not growing back when they should be. 319 more words

Attack on Titan S1 E11 Icon

This episode was a hit and miss for me, there was times that I was really enjoying the episode but there was also times that I was getting kinda bored. 351 more words

Attack on Titan S1 E10 Answer

All three of our heroes are still stuck behind the wall ready to be shot at by the Marines following the captains orders, luckily Erin was shot in Titan form leaving smoke everywhere this allows the three of them to come up with a plan before the smoke clears. 344 more words

Attack on Titan S1 E5 The Struggle on Trost


Episode 5 took me by surprise in many different ways, it continues with Erin Fighting the Colossal Titan but sadly the Titan gets away this time. 311 more words

Where have we been and our return

Ok so most of you have probably been wondering where the hell we have been, since its almost been a year since we did a blog. 323 more words

I'm Just The Stepmom

I’m tired of taking the high road, making the tough calls, putting my family’s needs second. I’m tired of catering to an overgrown child with no sense of responsibility – one who can’t keep her promises when the possibility of a party is in the cards. 197 more words


Grow, Padawan, and mix your genres

Okay, so that was a bit puntastic, but hopefully it got your attention.

I’ve been writing stories, campaign settings and creating worlds in the science fiction and fantasy genres for as long as I can remember. 334 more words