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Deal 159: Limbo has exits?

I wake up and reach for anything familiar, but am disappointed yet again. Still trapped in this padded room, with no relief in sight. Breakfast has been delivered, which must be what woke me. 1,016 more words


Deal 157: Stuck in padded limbo

Trapped and powerless. Pretty much exactly not omnipotent. And especially not how he was used to feeling. Padded room. Locked door. Highly uninteresting food on plastic from a slot in the door. 236 more words


Meco Sudden Comfort Deluxe Double Padded Chair and Back

When comparing standard office seats, the exec chairs usually be expensive more. Rather then being created of your typical plastic framework and cloth included cushion, accounting chairs are made of much finer products. 278 more words


Effective Kenneth Cole Reaction 17 EZ Scan Padded LaptopTablet

Another aspect to consider as you are trying to decide which backpack is the best choice is to look at the things that you are going to put in it. 320 more words

Fashion Bug 7382 Padded Water Bra 34A

Fashion Bug is a US chain of mid-priced women’s clothing stores that went out of business in 2013. This bra, the Add-a-Size water bra, has fairly thick bladders filled with paraffin oil in the cups to add a full size. 61 more words


Baby Trend Hello Kitty Jogger Travel System Strollers Infant

Strolling with your child presents inherent safety risks. However, proper use of the stroller reduces the risk of injury to yourself, your child and others. This instruction manual guides you in detail about the proper use of your Stroller’s features. 261 more words