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Looking at the bottom of the Regent's Canal near Limehouse

It is not often a section of a canal makes the news, but that was the case last week when a section of the Regent’s Canal was drained for repairs. 353 more words

Human Life

Mermaid Lounge

Mermaid Lounge – 4/5

Upstairs and through an unmarked door at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall is the Mermaid Lounge – a bar that took a sea-faring theme to the nth degree. 58 more words


Author Spotlight: Diana Darke Discusses Syria

No one could accuse author Diana Darke of leading a boring life. Born to German parents in rural Wales, Diana studied Arabic at Oxford and spent many years living and working in the Middle East in a variety of government jobs. 170 more words


20mph is plenty on Fernhead Road

Labour Councillors have organised a petition calling for a 20mph speed limit on Fernhead Road after receiving this information, the latest in a regular call for reduced traffic speeds in the area; 180 more words

Westminster City Council

Fashion Rebellion

Cet article aurait pu s’appeler Back to basics, Keep it simple, Oldies but Goodies… mais le premier titre qui m’est venu c’est Fashion Rebellion!

Pourquoi rébellion?

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Paddington Council flat left vacant for over 5 years - £30,000 lost in rent and rates

Westminster Council has lost over £30,000 in rent and rates after a one bed room Council flat in Bravington Road, north Paddington was left vacant for over 5 years. 233 more words

Westminster City Council