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Bucket List #6


This is my last year in college, and after this year I really have no idea what comes next. If I continue my education, I’ll be moving away and even if I don’t continue my education by going to college, we are definitely going to travel and I don’t know where I will end up.  163 more words


SUPYO: Paddle Board Yoga

I am an avid yoga fan and so when my regular yoga studio offered a sunset yoga class on Lake Michigan I jumped at the chance. 353 more words

Discovery Bay

As soon as I get near water, I relax and feel happy.

Put me on top of one of my boards and I’m giddy.

Watching my kids enjoy the water with me, and I’m ecstatic! 32 more words

The One With The Full Moon Paddle

I know I posted some of these pictures in one of my weekly training recaps a few weeks ago, but it was such an amazing experience I thought it deserved it’s own post! 490 more words

Cape Cod

What you doing? Nothin' chilllin at the Pennington Inn

It’s always a great surprise to hear your friend that lives a great distance is visiting. While at work on Friday I get a text from Paige inviting me to spend the night at her beach house in Newport because CORI IS VISITING. 328 more words

Duke's Oceanfest 2014 Live!

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing? Great! If you are fortunate enough to be on Oahu then you should head down to the Duke’s Oceanfest in Waikiki. 140 more words

Finding Minnesota: Paddling the Wild And Scenic Mississippi

CLEARWATER, Minn. (WCCO) – The Mississippi is a powerful river spanning more than 2,000 miles. But there’s one stretch, not far from the metro, that’s shallow and peaceful enough to attract canoeists, paddle boarders and kayakers. 429 more words