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This is a really great film. It’s stuffed with all the things that suggest it might be a bit cheesy, the sort of things aimed at Christmas Day viewers – a cast of familiar Brit faces, some light sauce (but nothing to upset granny), some carefully choreographed weepy moments and a couple of rousing tunes. 452 more words



Rambunctious, ebullient, and big-hearted, Pride is a dose of tolerance medicine that tastes good; a raucous celebration of discordant groups uniting against oppression; a well-researched and liberating film in the feel-good spirit of… 447 more words



The issue of gay rights has always been a controversial one. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are sadly seen by some as taboo and unacceptable. Thankfully, today the stigma has melted away significantly but in the 1980s, gay people were seen in a less favorable light. 491 more words

Review: Tyrannosaur

This isn’t a film you can “like” or “love”, but it is a film you can respect and be compelled to watch.

Boy is this a tough one; it is one of those films that floors you after watching it. 334 more words


Five Great Spanish Movies

I have been a bit quiet on WordPress recently, due to being on holiday in sunny and beautiful Spain.

In honour of my return to WordPress (get the flags out!) and also in honour of Spain itself, I thought a post detailing some of my favourite Spanish movies would be appropriate. 561 more words

Top 10s

Pride: Its Spirit Soars---Movie

Pride” proves that inspirational doesn’t have to be preachy or cloying…it can  be extremely entertaining. Such is what describes “Pride”…extremely entertaining…joyfully so. Directed by… 638 more words