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Don't worry be Hampi

As we approached Hampi we were greeted by an incredible landscape. Paddy fields and banana plantations interspersed with surreal giant boulders sitting on top of each other at improbable angles (I still have no idea how they came to be here and need to pick my Geologist Uncle’s brain). 591 more words


Of Paddy Fields, Bugs and Random Walks

I like walking around villages and the back-roads, chucking the route the car would take and just walking, till I find my way home. And rural Kerala, or maybe all villages, just cough up such trails effortlessly. 501 more words


{Travel Adventures}-Bali.

So let me explain my absence from this blog for a few days. I went to Bali! Hence therefore, this would be a little reflection I did when I was on my way home, to Singapore. 1,055 more words