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When you add a friend online do you think about how well you know them?

Do you think about what posts they can see, what pictures they can see, what they know about you? 482 more words

Further links between UK Labour party and Paedophilia

So it turns out that Harlot Harmoron (born Harriet Harman), her husband and all those that covered for the Paedophile Information Exchange during the 70′s and 80′s were ALSO covering up an even worse scandal….a Labour peer that has now found to have raped and abused children as young as 6. 111 more words


So Gobsmacked...

Yesterday morning a police officer arrived to take us all to court, my daughter to give evidence, myself to give evidence, her father to be the ‘responsible adult’ and my partner. 829 more words


Some time ago I was discovered by someone. Someone who was destined to become very interesting to me.

Little did I know how much!

The other night we had a chat that continued for a surprisingly lengthy amount of time. 3,336 more words

Your Biggest Mistake...

So you get married, you have a baby, and everything is all fan-diddly-astic.

Then suddenly, it all goes Pete Tong, and you wind up divorced, alone, a single mum of one. 1,072 more words

Official Headquaters - New Scotland Yard - Political Paedophile Protecton Squad.

No it’s not the David Icke Show Part 2.

This is the challenge, the media that matters will continue to expose the truth. Every day, day after day we will  reveal the truth. 226 more words


Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite Paedophile ‘Ring of Silence’

Source: 21st Century Wire

It is one of the most heinous and nasty crimes imaginable, yet, it’s been sanctioned and protected at the highest levels of the police, judiciary, corporations and in politics. 246 more words

Pure Evil