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A fantasy about child abuse?

My next story, The Quantum Twins, is a romantic, comic, sci-fi fantasy about an extra terrestrial rock star. But all of that is the candy coating, what it really explores is the journey of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. 472 more words

Ian McFadyen..a survivor of horrific paedophile abuse....meets a paedophile...on UK TV


Ian McFadyen, is an incredible brave, and very humble man. Very intelligent, articulate and an inspiration for many. I have blogged about Ian in the past, as his heart and soul, touches mine. 203 more words

Media gagging after 1982 Elm Guest House raids

There was a flurry of media interest at the time, then it all went silent. I can’t believe that these two newspapers were the only ones that got sent D Notices to stop reporting it – do any others dare to speak up & say what happened? 988 more words

Elm Guest House

D Notice issued to editor reporting Elm Guest House

More coverage of the story of the Surrey Comet editor who was issued with a D Notice whilst they were investigating for a report on Elm Guest House. 391 more words

Elm Guest House

Martin Allen disappearance linked to Elm Guest House

The brother of Martin Allen who disappeared in 1979, believes the his disappearance may have been linked to the Elm Guest House. He goes on to say, that he never believed that the police dealt properly with the case & may have been holding back for some reason. 346 more words

Elm Guest House

Elm Guest House was just a normal guest house claims Haroon Kasir

The former owner of Elm Guest House has suggested that it was just a normal guest house. This statement would seem completely at odds with the fact that we know a police raid was made on the property in 1982, both he & his wife were charged with running a disorderly house etc. 234 more words

Elm Guest House