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'I Am A _________Survivor' quotes - how many apply to me.

I share quotes on my Facebook community page – like one today ‘I Am A Domestic Violence Survivor’.

I realise I could make so many of these, and they would all apply to me. 68 more words

Pope apologises for 'evil child abuse' by so many priests....Is It Genuine?


Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for child sex abuse by priests, says sanctions ‘must be imposed’

Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for child sex abuse carried out by priests. 187 more words

A Sex Offender's Right to Privacy?

This is a controversial topic indeed and one that needs to be dealt with in a clear and sensitive manner for the sake of maintaining the dignity of victims involved; but as an ever-growing liberal society, we must ask ourselves the question – should UK citizens be allowed to access the documents and personal details of convicted sexual offenders more freely? 646 more words

Judges, magistrates found guilty of CSA, should have all their CSA cases they heard, re-opened.

I agree with this.

If I were someone who had taken a CSA – Child Sex Abuse case to court – and found out the Judge/Magistrate etc – was n fact a child sex abuser himself – I would be really pissed off. 19 more words

Grubby Old Men

Why does the world look at some grubby old men performing child molestation as paedophiles? It happens even with normal human beings and right in our own backyard and still we do not consider it worthwhile to punish these unseen perpetrators? 548 more words


Compassion - should never outweigh wisdom.

I have compassion for people with unhealthy minds, in whatever form.

But, I am aware that compassion alone, should never outweigh doing what is right and what is wise. 491 more words