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As queasy as PIE

The greatest injustice in any trial of a paedophiliac can’t be avoided, and is inevitable.

The tragedy is that crimes inflicted carry life sentences for the victims, whilst the perpetrators blithely carry on. 929 more words

Politics Made Good


Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary me!

Now there is yet another name in the list that goes about the Internet as someone extraordinarily famous being involved in the paedophile ring! 458 more words

Facebook ordered to disclose records on underage users

Facebook must disclose any available records on the number of children under the age of 13 who have accounts in Northern Ireland or anywhere throughout the UK, the High Court in Belfast has ruled. 617 more words


The Catholic church, its sins, the law and Rome

I have known two priests now convicted of paedophilia. The first was our parish priest whilst growing up in country Queensland. This man visited our house regularly for meals and to be totally honest now, in hindsight he was indeed too tactile. 811 more words


THE PERSON WHO MADE one of the most revealing allegations in the entire North Wales investigation was a 25-year old Wrexham man named Brendan Randles. In December 1982, when he was fifteen, Randles, a likeable and happy-go-lucky youth, had appeared before Wrexham magistrates on a charge of burglary. 1,463 more words


FBI used drive-by downloads to track child abuse image suspects hidden on Tor

US courts are forcing the FBI to justify drive-by downloads of spyware onto the computers of people visiting child porn sites hidden on Tor.

Tor… 1,163 more words


Sex and Sexual Abuse

I’m not claiming to be an expert in sexual activities or an expert on sexual predators, but I think it’s about some around my age voiced and opinion. 1,767 more words