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About the Location of paedophilia in Canada

What’s behind our panic? One factor may be the flood of mothers into the work force, and the increasing need to leave children with someone else.

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Paedophilia -the Sickness of Hollywood

This week there’s been saturation coverage in the online news media (the likes of Gawker and the Hollywood Reporter) of serious child sex abuse allegations against the director of the… 1,558 more words


DISNEY CLUB PENGUIN - What's this about?

I have been checking out the Disney Club and came across this one for small kids.

Club Penguin Shorts : Cadence – The Party Starts Now!  278 more words

sense of achievement

At the end of the session on ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’, my two year daughter Sarayu and another three year old child Sharvari completely took us by surprise when they remembered the three parts of their body where not every body can touch. 703 more words

Chooku Booku

Mysterious Skin



Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin is a searing and inventive exploration of the way the mind reacts to trauma, especially in terms of formative childhood experiences, and follows two teenagers as they deal with the memories of being molested as kids, eventually meeting to confront their pasts together. 187 more words


Challenge(s) Of the Month: Lolita & Giving Blood

I’m a self-confessed book snob. I like reading classics, you see, and this was what led to me deciding to read Nabokov’s Lolita years ago. I stopped reading halfway through it because it reaaaally creeped me out, so OFCOURSE it made sense to make finishing it this month’s challenge. 181 more words

Challenge Of The Month

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Link’s got a better flow than Lake Hylia!

This, along with Luigi’s Ballad and Ken vs. Ryu, are taken from the album Starbomb, by… 19 more words