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Challenge(s) Of the Month: Lolita & Giving Blood

I’m a self-confessed book snob. I like reading classics, you see, and this was what led to me deciding to read Nabokov’s Lolita years ago. I stopped reading halfway through it because it reaaaally creeped me out, so OFCOURSE it made sense to make finishing it this month’s challenge. 181 more words

Challenge Of The Month

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Link’s got a better flow than Lake Hylia!

This, along with Luigi’s Ballad and Ken vs. Ryu, are taken from the album Starbomb, by… 19 more words


Shhhhh. ..not anymore!!

 When my two year daughter asked what the bulky bone in her arm is… I told her it’s called an elbow. 

When she asked what that wierd line is where her pee comes from… I told her it’s called a vagina.  132 more words

The apology of Pope Francis

I have been totally consumed with completing a uni assignment for the last few days and haven’t had time to write anything.  When my thoughts turned to writing earlier this afternoon, for the first time in weeks I drew an absolute blank – zip, nada, nothing.   500 more words


Groupies, underage sex and the P word

An enormous amount of press and media attention have been devoted to accusations of underage sex offences in the past 18 months. Ever since the… 1,266 more words

Equal Opportunities

The BNP On Paedophilia: Their Unhealthy Obsession.

The BNP and their supporters continuously like to bring up one particular website, linked to the terrorist organisation Combat18,  “Labour25″.

If we actually take a look at the “Labour25″ website most of the pictures on there seem to be photo-shopped, a lot of the individuals have never been convicted of an offence and some have never even been charged.  331 more words