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Cambridge attacks!

What IS it with Cambridge? The shire, that is, rather than the City.

Or perhaps Cambridgeshire expansionism is actually a devilish plot even now being directed from the top of a gleaming spire not a hundred yards from the greasy-grey river Cam. 271 more words

Google Maps API 3 showing blank

I want to integrate the Google Maps API 3 into an web application which uses different kinds of JavaScript frameworks, e.g. jQuery, Highcharts, jPolite etc. This is the code that I’m using… 344 more words


Why Install Replacement Pickups?

A new guitarist recently asked on Reddit why one would install replacement pickups? Before going further, I advise any guitarists unfamiliar with how pickups work to… 385 more words


Vulgar Vulva

I didn’t want to undress. I didn’t want to get naked. I couldn’t rationalize why I would.

I felt comfortable, warm, cocooned.

I don’t think clothing as ‘appropriate’ or not. 675 more words

DiMarzio Releases PAF Master Pickups - Ohhhh, pretty!

Direct from Dimarzio Towers comes this missive….

DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the PAF Master neck (DP260) and bridge (DP261) hum-canceling pickups for electric guitars. 270 more words