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Thankfulness...did it end in November?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit, not much to do other than sleep when you are laid low by a migraine, but these thoughts have been circling my mind for months.  1,152 more words


Hate is not a Heathen Value

On April 13, 2014, a white supremacist perpetuated a hate crime on a Jewish Community Center. Some mass media outlets have attempted to identify the shooter as a Heathen, but I’d like to take a moment to reiterate that his values (or rather, his lack thereof) are not shared by Heathenry or Northern Tradition Paganism at large. 297 more words


Spirit branch offerings- April pink moon

We tied and crafted two new offerings for our spirit branch tonight.

My offering was green and gold and used yarn, embroidery thread, aventurine beads, and a piece of jade tied to a turmeric root for healing. 140 more words



I managed to get behind on my weekly lessons with Eldest. So, I am posting a basic lesson plan for April to help me get back on track. 148 more words


The Remaking of the Galdraskræða (Icelandic Book of Spells)

The tradition of magic among the native Icelandic population goes back to ancient times. Magic was an important part of life, and mastering it was vital to interacting with nature and controlling one’s destiny. 111 more words


Bitter Friends 5

The wind picked up, howling in ever shifting directions battering at the barriers Sinister’s coven put into place. Clouds over head grew dark stretching out to the horizon, suffocating the moon light, making it difficult to see. 1,274 more words


Bitter Friends 4

***** **** **** ***** ****** ****** *****

The necromancer known as Sinister slowly walked the rows of headstones in Mountain View Cemetery. Places of rest such as this were seldom haunted, though tonight would be quite the exception to the rule. 1,902 more words