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Mabon 2014 Details

The Wheel has turned and Mabon is upon us. The fall Equinox, Alban Eiler hit’s this Tuesday, September 23, 2014. SLPS will be celebrating the return of the dark times Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 6pm. 21 more words


My color altar: orange + the creative force in Mabon

Traditionally for my own energy the timing of Mabon and all things autumn have been empowering.

This year takes no exceptions.

My orange altar is up and emitting powerful waves of creativity and force energy so epic that my passion for color is illuminating even the darkest parts of my business. 290 more words


Tarot Tuesday: The Devil and Ace of Swords

If you’ve been feeling trapped and frustrated by a situation and haven’t been able to see a way out of it, you can now view things in a new light, giving a different perspective and, finally, the strength to find a way to break free of it. 59 more words


~Give Thanks~

Ten Ways to Celebrate Mabon

1. Find some Balance

Mabon is a time of balance, when there are equal hours of darkness and light, and that can affect people in different ways. 1,252 more words


~All about Mabon * Autumn Equinox~

Mabon Lore

Autumn Equinox, around September 21, is the
time of the descent of the Goddess into the
Underworld. With her departure, we see the… 996 more words


Tarot Tuesday: King and 7 of Swords

Someone who is in a position of authority, possibly in business or law, could be of great help to you this week. They may be able to help you to solve quite a major difficulty in your life. 48 more words

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