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November New Moon belongs to The Archer

The November New Moon will be born today (Saturday 22nd 2014) at 12.33pm. This Moon is known by many different names such as; The Beaver Moon, The Dark Moon, The Snow Moon, The Tree Moon, The Owl Moon and The Frost Moon. 445 more words


Shauna Aura Knight and the Ethics of Sexual Initiation

Shauna Aura Knight’s latest column at Pagan Activist discusses sexual ethics in regards to initiation experiences.

What is Consent?
By legal definition, a minor cannot consent to sex.

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Tarot Tuesday: 3 of Swords

You are still feeling the pain from last week’s Death card, and grieving for the loss that signified.

However, as said then, this is a time for new beginnings. 73 more words

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New! Weekly Novel and Short Story Excerpts

On Fridays I’ll be posting excerpts from my novels and short stories. These will include prologues, first chapters, whole stories or interesting snippets. A link will be provided on the side panel of my website under “Weekly Excerpt.” I’ll also post the links on… 137 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Death

No, not a physical death. It signifies the end of a major part of your life, something important and that you would prefer not to lose. 76 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Fastest Growing World Religion - None

Oh no! According to this video, the fastest growing religion in the world is “no religion.” 1 in 5 American adults have no religion and this trend is growing quickly among internet savvy Millennials.   2,213 more words


Frost Moon

Frost moon is a Norse name given to a full moon in November. The moon is particularly beautiful and mysterious this time of year, when the leaves are in color, the branches are bare and the winds are cold. 49 more words