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Leave Old Baggage at the Door

Today has been an… interesting day. When I say this, I’m speaking entirely in context of today as a Pagan, and a Pagan blogger. Today, I had words, lots of words, with another person. 521 more words


Tarot Tuesday: The World and 7 of Wands

You’re approaching the end of a cycle and it’s been a struggle. It’s still a struggle, but keep on fighting!

You have gained insights into yourself and others, so the constant battles you’ve had to fight haven’t been for nothing; you’ve learned a great deal, possibly more than you realise. 22 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Friends with feathers....an element of air picnic

I am currently recovering from a bout of ‘flu and have been feeling pretty run down.  This is par for the course with the ‘flu, but this is exactly the wrong time of year for me to be stuck at home.  356 more words


Hey Celestine, Do You Have a Magical Name?

Today, I’m going to answer another question from a reader.

Reader ddmoonsong asked—among other things that I will be writing about in other posts—”Also, do you have a spiritual name, i.e a name you use only in relation to rituals/prayer? 1,576 more words


The Legend of La Befana

Want to add a bit of Witchiness to your Christmas festivities but you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional Christian message?

Well fear not! 549 more words


Prayer for Justice

I’ve been working on writing prayers for my personal use in my practice. I probably won’t share many of them, unless asked, because most of them will be specific to Ganesha and Yemaya, since these are currently the two deities to whom I am devoted. 363 more words