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Who Wants to Live Forever?

This post on Patheos about remembering the dead has inspired me to stop and take a look at a subject I often don’t ponder: death. 477 more words

Avoiding Reactionary Theology | Magick From Scratch

The answer to a theological question is the dialogue between the various possible answers. That dialogue should not end. Different answers will work for different people and different times.

107 more words

Tarot Tuesday: The Magician and 8 of Wands

Things are going to speed up now, possibly going faster than you think you can keep up with. You have the necessary determination and all the ability needed to make it work for you, though, if you can spot the opportunities that arise. 55 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Shadow on the Stone - Thomas Hardy

With Halloween just 10 days away, I wanted to share some of my favourite seasonal/spine tingling poetry. This is a poem by Thomas Hardy, one of my favourite authors/poets, his books and verse are full of references to nature and paganism. 273 more words

A Pagan Off The Grid Community - Desert Moon Spiritual Center

Desert Moon Spiritual Center Website

As people think about different ways of living on – or with this planet – some people decide to go off and live in their own self sustaining communities (as a traffic hating resident of the fast paced U.S. 3,715 more words

Giveaway time to win a color deck

I have been toying with the idea of how to celebrate 1,000 likes on Facebook and a new domain change and well a giveaway of color certainly is peachy perfect to me! 121 more words


Elements - Air

To get myself back on track with my Year-And-A-Day beginner/kids series, I decided to start back up with easy lessons on the Elements.

I decided to start with Air. 171 more words