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Tarot Tuesday - 7 of Swords

Tact and diplomacy are called for when dealing with a situation this week. You may even need to act in a slightly underhand manner, however uncomfortable that makes you feel, but this is better than tackling something head on. 9 more words


A Walk In The Woods

Today I took my dog for a walk to our local park. It is a beautiful place, a big wide open space, full of lush green grass and surrounded on its edge, by trees. 364 more words


From the beginning

Perhaps it will help if I start from the beginning.

I was raised mainly by my father. My parents were divorced when I was young and I didn’t see my mother often. 658 more words


The ending and the beginning

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it all started. I’d been a pagan for so long, so what changed?

Maybe it was my disenfranchisement with the pagan community- the infighting, the squabbles, the egotistical “leaders” who try to speak for the whole divided community. 88 more words


Tempting ritual dress and coat

I’d like to buy a ritual dress and coat but with my small and petite frame nothing fits me.  I’ve spotted that online store a while ago, but I was busy putting all my money on the vet lately for my cat, and my prosperity altar, that had no money for that then.  The store in question, they do the clothing made to measure following your measurements, hence why I want to get them while they still do it.  It’s a gothic boutique but it has pretty items.  The dress I have my eyes on is… 13 more words


Tarot Tuesday - Justice and 8 of Wands

Things are going to start to move quickly now – new projects will take off swiftly, and anything already started but that appeared to have become stuck will progress again. 60 more words


My prosperity altar – final

I finally got the latest items for my altar, including the new statue of Ganesh.  So I took many pictures of it.  You have to open images on another tab with WordPress to see them full size… 453 more words