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Hello everyone,

I’m late again. I apologize. This time we have X as the letter for the week, but there were no suggestions by the website. 108 more words

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my body’s bending in the latest fashion
to this task i cannot name.
when done, i will no longer be myself,
or at least not one i recognize. 128 more words

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I’ve made occasional reference to the fact that I have MDD*, and spoken about how it impacts my ability to care for myself.  I’ve also told you about self-care being an essential part of Dark Flame work…and so I thought I’d do something different this time around.  863 more words

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I don’t know everything and I’m no longer shy about admitting it.

In my mind, admitting ignorance on a topic is a virtue because it allows clarity in discussion, and also means there’s an opportunity to learn something new.  860 more words

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Sometimes, figuring out what counts as a choice is the tricky part.

When I learn something new that resonates with me, I find it difficult not to allow the NRE* to spill over into every aspect of my life… 396 more words

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Wands - Pagan Blog Project

Hi everyone,

Well surprisingly, i’m on time. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. :) Today the subject is on wands. Wands are one of the most important tools in the witch’s toolkit. 93 more words

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An important aspect of spiritual training and magickal practice is that of versatility and being able to re-invent the tools you are working with. This applies not only to being adept at adapting to what you physically have at your disposal, but also developing mental agility in how you express yourself creatively (or as an act of creation).   1,315 more words