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On Teaching

There’s hardly a pagan blog that doesn’t discuss it, a practitioner without an opinion of it: How do we learn our Craft?

It’s been a very odd time for me in the last month. 1,442 more words


Olfaction & Audition

“I smell dead people” just doesn’t have quite the same connotation as the famous line “I see dead people.” In the same way “I feel dead people” or “I taste dead people” could be an effective way to kill a conversation. 1,170 more words


O- oblivious

I admit that I can be willfully oblivious to things! It’s not that I do to know what’s going on its that I don’t care or don’t have time to pay attention.these past two years of my life have been perfect! 104 more words

Never Not the Neophyte

At some point on our journey we have all been the neophyte, the newbie, the wide eyed seeker. As children or adults we have come to our paths with tentative footsteps or joyful bounds, absorbing all the wonders we experience, discovering secrets of our Gods, our world, and ourselves. 686 more words



Hi, I am back. I’ve been ridiculously busy the past few months.

I have looked at the blog post options from Pagan Blog Project and it is funny that I ended up writing about oaths. 86 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2014

O is for One with Everything

This song smacked me with honesty the first time I heard it and is best presented without comment.

Pagan Blog Project 2014

PBP: N is for Nuances

Today I realized just how casual my practice is.  I pulled out my iPod, asked Anubis to pick the music (adding “please no country”), hitting shuffle, and got back to doing the dishes.   112 more words

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