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Hits and Misses: Psychology and Spirituality

The Question: When do we apply psychological principles to Witchcraft/energy work? When we say that the confirmation bias is what is really at work for superstitious beliefs, why don’t we also apply it to things Witches frequently use, like astrology and Tarot? 934 more words


G is for Garden

For me Paganism is very much about nature. This is its foundation, we are the ones who connect with the seasons, who follow the cycles of the moon, we embrace and rejoice with the elements. 460 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Holy Water - Pagan Blog Project

Hi everyone,

Well the topic for today is Holy Water. Holy Water is not restricted to Christian/Catholic religions. Holy Water is often used to bless a space or a person. 97 more words


Pagan Blog Project 2014: "P" is for...Pretending?

I’m sure nearly every pagan has felt the cold stirrings of panic at three in the morning when contemplating their path. I know I have. You sit there, wondering if you’re making this all up, if the gods are real, if it’s all the product of an overactive imagination and desperately… 536 more words

Pagan Blog Project


The Pagan Blog Project: H is for “Helping”

Let’s talk about helping.  Most new people around the pagan community ask for a lot of help.  This is of course a great way to get to know people while starting to find your way.   1,192 more words


Pagan Blog Project: H is for Herbs

When I was a baby witch, just learning my craft, I got really into herbs.

Like REALLY into. :)

I had the classic Herb Book… 553 more words


H- happy

I normally don’t write a second letter because I want all my focus to be on one blog per letter. But I felt the need to write 2 blogs this time. 719 more words