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Reincarnation, and how it influenced my religion

I don’t know when I heard the word “reincarnation” for the first time. I was definitely younger than eight; might even have been as young as four. 857 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Rule of Three - Pagan Blog Project

Hey everyone,

This week i’m on time, surprisingly. I thought I would discuss the Rule of Three. It means a lot to me. The Rule of Three is a kind of karma that Wiccans and Pagans adhere to. 83 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Pagan Blog Project 2014 Week 35 R - Religion Vs. Spirituality

I don’t believe I’m splitting hairs when I say there is a distinct difference between religion and spirituality. While this may be obvious concerning the world’s major religions, this is also true when it comes to paganism, and I’m living proof. 466 more words

Observing Nature

Earth turns. Sun rises and sets. Wind blows, leaves scatter, seeds are sown. Thunder cracks, light splits the sky, fire burns bright in the darkness. Rain lashes my skin, clouds obscure my vision. 396 more words


Pagan Blog Project: "R" Is For Reincarnation

I’ve believed in the possibility of reincarnation since I was seventeen.  Now, I won’t say I believe in the classic Eastern religious definition of the ins/outs and hows/whys of it.   1,541 more words

Paganism & Rationalism


If you need to notice anything about me is I love to forage and make my own foodstuffs. Last year, pre blog, I made Elderberry Cordial and Apple and Pear preserve this year I am kicking off with Rosehip Syrup. 729 more words


Pagan Blog Project - Ritual

I have been thinking a lot about ritual over the last year especially. As a Bard in training with the OBOD a more systematic approach to ritual has been a big part of my life, not every day by any means but on a much more regular basis than it would have been in the past. 666 more words