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Pagan Blog Project

I have decided to start participating in the Pagan Blog Project, since that’s liable to keep me writing regularly.

I’ve got a post written and queued for tomorrow already. I feel accomplished.


Opening up to Signs and Omens

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. You’re lying in bed, unable to fall asleep – you’re hot, your head aches, and it’s impossible for you to swallow without a burning sensation in your throat. 315 more words

PBP: O is for Osiris

My first encounter with Osiris was not with the kindly father-figure I normally see him as, but his Lord of Dread side.  I don’t know if he was trying to scare me and make me face my fears (at the time I was still freaking out about being approached exclusively by underworld gods), or if I got him on a bad day, but after speaking with him, I was reluctant to have any more dealings with the god I now call Father. 443 more words

Pagan Blog Project

O- owl

I was blessed to be born under the owl totem. The bear has chosen me but the owl is where I was born!

A is for Acceptance

I think that ‘A’ was for Acceptance the last time around and I just never got around to posting it, at least when I was working this meme on this blog and not on Widdershins. 290 more words

On Teaching

There’s hardly a pagan blog that doesn’t discuss it, a practitioner without an opinion of it: How do we learn our Craft?

It’s been a very odd time for me in the last month. 1,442 more words


Olfaction & Audition

“I smell dead people” just doesn’t have quite the same connotation as the famous line “I see dead people.” In the same way “I feel dead people” or “I taste dead people” could be an effective way to kill a conversation. 1,170 more words