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Ronald Hutton

Ronald Hutton
English Historian

Religion/Tradition: personal

Lineage: none known

Influence on the Pagan community:
Ronald Hutton is a historian and a well-known author in the Pagan community due to his book… 253 more words


H is for Hearth Culture

If I had to pick, I would say I operate in a Vanic-influenced Anglo-Saxon hearth. My rituals draw on Anglo-Saxon symbolism most strongly, but I work primarily with the Vanir/Wanes – the gods and goddesses of the land and fertility, using their Anglo-Saxon names where they are attested (So (usually) Ing Frea and Freo, but also Njord and Nerthus and Frau Holda. 399 more words


H is for Healing

I have health and healing on my mind lately. My dad is entering a phase of life where it seems like going to doctor’s appointments three times a week is his new normal. 166 more words


Pagan Blog Project - "H" Is For Heart - Broken or Otherwise

I hold to a private spirituality that tells me each human being is my equal in ability to suffer, the grieve, to fail OR succeed, it is the Heart of my religious practice.   622 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

Pagan Blog Project - Hummingbird

The Andean shaman of South America have gifted to the world a series of nine shamanic rites known as the Munay Ki. In these rites Hummingbird holds the energy of the Ancient Ones. 642 more words


H is for Henotheism

At the time that I am writing and publishing this, it should be Good Friday by the Western Catholic liturgical calendar. It’s also one of the very few years in which it aligns with Great Friday for Greek Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches. 917 more words

Pagan Blog Project 2014

Hanging in the Balance

My spirit moves in a
Constant state of
Veil and light
Straining towards the moment
Of pause- rest-quiet.

And, once achieved- the motion begins
Newly birthed from the inertia. 185 more words

Esoteric Writings