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Pagan Blog Project - Understanding

A lot of my time is spent working with students of Reiki, Shamanism, or general energy work and one of the thing that I am kept constantly aware of is how often some of them expect to understand everything immediately. 702 more words


Underestimating Your Spiritual Value

As we focus on advancing in spiritual growth and our magickal skills the general goal is one of doing the work needed to connect with that Divinity which is non-corporeal, transcendent and more highly evolved than we perceive ourselves to be. 548 more words

Esoteric Writings

An undine (also spelled ondine) is an elemental of water and the word itself is derived from the latin root “unda” which means wave.  Guardians of the west and ruled by the moon, the undine in the tarot is represented by the suit of cups.  466 more words


The first word that comes to mind when I think of Imhotep is apotheosis which, although appropriate, feels ironic to me because it is a Greek word and I tend to try to pretend the Greco-Egyptian period didn’t exist.  506 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Understanding cults

I was on an app called learnist, I love this app because you can have never ending reading of random articles and I LOVE to read! 60 more words

P is for Privacy

Get you some!

And no, I don’t mean a spot of your own where no one interrupts you and you can do your naked thing… I mean, yes, if that appeals and you can get it go for it, but it’s not the kind of privacy I’m talking about. 721 more words

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Correction on my OBE

Hey everyone,

Well I told you a while back about my experience with Out of Body Experiences (OBE). I thought I the experience that I told you, but I did not have that exact experience. 89 more words