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The veneration of water in 12 objects…..number eight The Gorgon carving

When the foundations of the Grand Pump room were made in 1790, some strange pieces of a unique carving were discovered. Thought to represent a Gorgon’s head, it is said to have been sculptured by Gaulish artists around the first century AD and believed to hang over the entrance to the temple. 173 more words

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GUEST BLOG Bob Trubshaw's 'Neolithic, Anglo-Saxon or modern day -spot the difference at Alton's Broadwells'

Bob Trubshaw will be familiar to many readers as the Heart of Albion publisher and writer of innumerable books on folklore and mythology. Having a long interest in holy wells and sacred springs, his book Holy wells of Leicestershire and Rutland back in 1990 was one of the new wave of books on the subject coming on the tide from Sacred Waters and the Source Journal. 1,181 more words


New Terror Group OSIRIS Rivals ISIS’s Caliphate

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
Just when you thought synthetic terrorism couldn’t get any goofier, a new takfiri terror group calling itself OSIRIS (Organization of Silly Islamic Radical Idiot Savants) has declared a new caliphate. 376 more words


The veneration of water in 12 objects...number seven Votive weapons

“If I throw thys ryche swerde in the water, thereof shall never com good, but harme and losse.’ And then sir Bedwere hyd Excalyber undir a tre… But King Arthur repremands him and sends him back.

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