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GUEST BLOG POST James Rattue's Uncovering the Wells of Ashburnham

It is my great pleasure to present an article from one of the most important contributors to the holy well research field. Author of the excellent The Living Stream – the first academic book on the subject, the indispensable guides to holy wells of Buckinghamshire, Kent and Surrey, as well as countless articles for Source and Living Spring, as well as his own webpage..he’s been in retirement holy well research wise and sticking to the day job of being a rector, so its a great privilege that he’s contributing this ground breaking piece of research about a holy well which is not recorded elsewhere to this blog.. 1,045 more words

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Hymn to Pan XIX

Hymn to Pan XIX

Muse, tell me about Pan, the dear son of Hermes, with his goat’s feet and two horns—a lover of merry noise. 491 more words

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Pan and Dionysus depicted on The Lycurgus Cup

Pan and Dionysus depicted on The Lycurgus Cup. Inspired by an old relic found in Ancient Rome.

“On the Lycurgus cup, these bridges are grape vines and other figural elements. 119 more words

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Pan - Book of Acts

Interesting comic book story and beautiful illustration. The writer gets it; Pan isn’t all about music, dancing, and folly (WHICH IS a big part of who he is and what he represents), but he is also PRIMAL, WILD —- he IS Nature. 204 more words

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Pan and Modern Depictions

I really dislike many modern artistic depictions of Pan, with some exception. I generally prefer the much older ones. However, I like this one a lot —- as it showcases a divinity, a god like quality, not way too different from how I have encountered Pan.Pan is not a Disney character or some young faun with his cock out in the woodlands, he may have his cock out, but some of those other depictions are not accurate —— at least according to his ancient “mythos”. 214 more words

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“We Luciferians are not saints, nor do we have the habit of turning the other cheek when someone attack us, so today I will talk about a controversial topic, but rarely addressed. 915 more words