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My Thanksgiving Post

I should write a Thanksgiving post. Here goes…I’m thankful for a bunch of stuff.

I’m thankful for my wife. Before anyone else or anything else, I start with her. 236 more words

Straight Ally

No ThankYou

I get sick to my stomache.
The way they twist scripture.
If you bring up the sabbath day & why they don’t remember to keep it, 118 more words



In the US, today is Thanksgiving: the day where we stop all of the hussle and bussle of daily life and sit in contemplation of all that we have- both materialistically and not. 260 more words


Hawaiian and Slavic Animism

In the early times of Slavic peoples as well as in the early days of Hawaiian settlement, the societies were animistic. They believed in the harmony and balance of all things, that the (specifically Hawaii) Mana which was the “divine spark” existed in all things, and there was no real separation between the divine and the earthly, but all things were holy. 89 more words

The god Kane

Kane (Keawe) is the creator from whence all things came. He was the first consciousness that came from the chaos of Po, which was like nothingness. 99 more words