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I was pretty pleased to find that we have progressed onto the letter ‘O’ as it means I can share one of my favourite Pagan-related things; the music of Omnia!


Wren x


August Calender

I finished the August calender today and wanted to make a post before the weekend. If I’ve fibbed any of the dates please let me know! 53 more words


Fiber Arts with Magic

Fiber arts have been a part of human society for eons and lore tells us that it has been used in the magical arts all along.  1,466 more words


The Morrigan and Altar Decor

For the past few months it has become almost impossible for me to ignore the call of The Morrigan. Her Crows came to me in both meditations and in real life, accompanied by vivid dreams and synchronicities that left me with no doubt that I had to take heed.   234 more words

A Praise and a Prayer

Praise to the Lord of Heaven, who walks between the veil.
Sweet hymns to the Lord of the Two Lands,
The Lord of the Pavilion. 273 more words

Daily Life

Today's reading


Ace of Stones

The primal rock from which all can be measured. Cup and ring = emergence of life.

A still and stable point from which to plan and measure your life. 76 more words



Furina was one of fifteen deities with official cults in the Pontifical College of the Roman Republic. As such, her sacred grove on the Janiculum was attended by a flamine (high priest of official cult). 33 more words