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A friendly little note to my audience

It is not ever appropriate for you to e-mail me and tell me “the gods/$ENTITY told me to tell you to do/not do $THING.”

Even if you think that the gods or entity in question are poking you to tell me this. 1,142 more words


ISIS = / = Isis, Isis Doesn't Even Equal Isis!

Sometimes trying to argue logical points with other Pagans is completely pointless. Even a point as easy as ISIS and it being an acronym.  All you have to do is google to see that ISIS =/= Isis.   293 more words

Wibbly-Wobbly Polytheism

One of the most striking things about Waincraft for me, and perhaps the most influential, are the Powers. Essentially, they are the deities and/or archetypes in Waincraft. 411 more words


ISIS and Pissy Pagans

So many Pagans, I’ve seen, are so pissed–downright irate about it–off by the group ISIS because they’re “using” the name of Isis for evil.  Actually, they’re not.   343 more words

Autumn Equinox

Grammar people- I did not edit this or worry about grammar in this blog post as I felt it would take away from some of the authenticity of my thoughts. 1,161 more words

Mental Health

Fall Equinox Conversations at the Foxglove House

Background: Mr Foxglove is an agnostic humanist.  He is pro-raising our children Polytheist/Pagan as long as we stress that it’s the duty in our life to help our fellow man simply because it’s the right thing to do instead of where we go afterwards, which obviously fits in with my worldview perfectly.   118 more words


Pagan or Christian Triquetra Celtic Trinity Knot of the Goddess Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 7"

Simple sterling silver cuff bracelet with a powerful celtic symbol – the Triquetra. Christians hold that the Triquetra represents the holy trinity while Pagans believe that the Triquetra represents the three aspects of the Goddess.