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Manifest the life I imagine

I now manifest the life I have imagined.

I now manifest the life I have imagined

I now manifest the life I have imagined.

I’m working very hard to get my dream off the ground and rolling. 42 more words


Keep Calm and Dance in the Dark

Keep Calm and Dance in the dark while naked in the rain beneath the moon to the pipes of pan and the rhythm of drums. … 33 more words



Happy Lughnasadh!

I hope you all have a blessed and happy Lughnasadh. This is my favorite time of year. I am so thankful for the feast that God provided us with last night. 27 more words


August brings the sun's rays and Lammas

As the summer sun climbs higher in the sky, and the earth is warmed by its strong rays,  we seek the cool indoors or under a shade tree. 719 more words


女巫信條 The Witches Creed

這是由 Doreen Valiente 所撰寫的優雅詩句,後來也成了許多女巫最初的信條與教義,建議大家可以透過這首意味深遠的詩句來朗誦學習其中的精神。


I want a tarot library

Not a library of my own decks. I want my library to carry tarot decks.

Here’s the deal: yesterday I was browsing the new book section of the library, when I spotted a lumpy book. 315 more words


Lammasu on Lammas

Lammasu on Lammas,

guarding the gate

with the rosette of Inanna

and the blessing of Ishtar.

Courtesy of Ancient History Encyclopedia


Rosettes of Inanna. Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. 7 more words