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Nonfiction Wednesday - Vision of Her

Vision of Her

I had a vision of Her, in the most beautiful clearing of a forest, a little slice of Summerland on Earth just for us. 219 more words


Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy by Judith Shaw

Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy, is a pan-Celtic goddess who was worshipped in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  In Scotland and Wales Her name was used to name places such as Caer Edin (Edinburgh). 921 more words


Just 5 More Minutes, Mom

Just Five More Minutes, Mom

From the WVP Vault!  In this episode Emy and Essa talk about letting go and getting back on the proverbial horse!   41 more words


The No-So-Wicked Witch of Western Mass by Steffi Porter

I had an article written about me! :D  A friend of a friend was writing a paper about witches and he referred her to me.  Steffi (a journalism major) got an A on her paper!   2,334 more words


The One Who Walks on Fire

The old world had the first religions. The first religions had the first gods. The first gods were the strongest souls sent by the Unknown One, or The True God. 970 more words

Personal Philosopy

What Beliefs or Practices Link All Pagans Together?

  • what is the pagans/wicca community belief system?
    and i am a beginner so i do not know much
    thank you
  • Pagan seams to be a very vague term for non main stream religion, but what is it that links these particular religions that are labeled pagan together?
357 more words

The Sorceress

A great film about the intersection of witchcraft and organized religion.