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Paganism Without Gods

Hello, I have a question about paganism without gods. Is it possible? What does worshiping the triple goddess or the horned god achieve, if instead you’d prefer to appreciate the world around you.

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How to Argue with an Evangelical

Have you ever had to argue with an Evangelical? Man, I sure have! It’s funny, though, that all of my arguments happened when I was an Evangelical, not since I became a Pagan. 1,474 more words


'Christian' Tattoos: Does Jesus Approve?

Condensed and adapted from God’s Laws:  Sin, Law, Grace, and Obligation in Pauline Theology by Paul A. Hughes (coming in 2014).

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Changes to My Blog

Those of you who often read my blog may have noticed that some of your favorite posts have been deleted. Well, I decided to transform this blog into one that discusses my profession and passion, writing. 156 more words


Dog Days, Holly, Spears and Swords by Deanne Quarrie

We are little more than midway in what are called the “dog days” of summer. Imagine that the ancients thought that Sirius (one of the dog constellations) was the cause of the extra hot and sultry days of summer  because that star rose with the sun each day during this time and they actually thought we received heat from it.  922 more words


Patchouli Sky Once Again

A few months ago, I fully intended to simplify my life by consolidating all my Internet persona’s into a single one. What’s that they say about the best intentions? 298 more words


Finding Sovereignty in the Move from North to South by Kate Brunner

The Sisterhood of Avalon is not a huge organization. We probably have less than 500 members, all told. Most of our membership are women living in North America; primarily the US & Canada. 904 more words