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Flash Fiction Friday

I meant to do this last Friday but I just have been insanely busy lately and I barely had anything to share. So… now there’s this. 300 more words


Dance of the Winterwood

And in the cold afternoon, as the light drains from the sky, among the frosty leaves and in the damp air, they dance the other…

338 more words

Wiccan Rede: An It Harm None

I am dating a man who is Wiccan…we are having a very serious disagreement about a spider!  I respect his Wiccan views and beliefs…but I cannot understand his logic regarding this topic.  

592 more words

Poking Around

Most who read anything I write (if anyone actually does at all) won’t have a clue until now that I am a Pagan. Now this isn’t something that I keep secret, but neither is it something that I choose to shout about on a regular basis. 342 more words



The midnight hour draws its close
As the living hold their pose
Gently betrayed by the breeze
Whispers echo through the trees

Holding breath and strained ear… 79 more words


An Infernal Eschatology: The Afterlife in Rome 1400 BC - 500 AD

I just uploaded this paper to academia a week ago. This paper traces the spiritual, philosophical and religious evolution of the afterlife across several distinct eras of Roman life. 26 more words