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Advice For New Witches

Good afternoon readers.

I’ve been thinking of doing this post in many different ways but I’ve finally decided on how to do it.
Also while thinking about this post it kept crossing my mind that as far as most people are concerned, I’m probably not a witch yet. 571 more words


Thank you Margot Adler

I was in the car this morning, on my way to work, when I heard that Margot Adler had died in her home yesterday.  She was 68, and had been battling endometrial cancer for three years.  651 more words


Margot Adler

I don’t have many role models.

There just aren’t a lot of people like me. I see pieces of myself here and there; I take my examples from a wide and varied field of individuals who have some quality that I want to have. 591 more words


Radical Relationality (Part One)

What follows is part one of the presentation I gave at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill, NY on the 11th of July, 2014.  I have decided to publish it in smaller sections, as the complete presentation is over 10,000 words, a bit longer than most internet readers tend to have the patience for. 2,128 more words

Grain-free Lammas (or Lughnasadh)

It’s way too late in the year for me to start thinking about a grain-free Lammas tradition. But alas, it must be done.

Ever since my partner and I started the… 1,306 more words


Weekly and Daily Tasks

I’ve talked for a while about doing things daily or weekly and it occurs to me that I have never mentioned exactly what I do daily or weekly in this blog. 89 more words

Quercus Robur

Psychic hygiene 101: warding + shielding

I define warding and shielding as being two different things, though similar and related.

I define warding as putting up a barrier of protection energy on a place or thing, such as one’s house or car. 1,797 more words