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HIDDEN HORROR - Easter Casket


You know, every Easter sunday horror fans everywhere always have a hard time trying to find a horror film to watch on the holiday because lets face it there isnt that much Easter horror to choose from. 379 more words

Hidden Horror

Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Easter

Are these holidays from christian origin or pagan and should we celebrate them?

Seriously, God judged Israel quite severely because of their hardness of heart and refusal to put away their idolatry and syncretic worship of Him.

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It seems fitting that this topic would naturally follow after my last (empaths) because nothing makes me roll my eyes more than when neo-pagans start talking about their half-Betazoid empathic powers or rather plain (even if idiosyncratic) pets as “familiars”. 399 more words


We didn’t do much (anything?) for Ostara on the Spring Equinox. I would have loved to welcome spring, but it wasn’t here yet. It was late this year. 87 more words


A Universal Moment

I often stand outside for my final cigarette before finally giving up to exhaustion, and regularly, in those moments, the world feels so still- as if the universe itself has frozen in time alongside me, waiting patiently, offering me a few brief moments of peace. 314 more words


If you don’t pay the exorcist, will you be repossessed?

Demons, demons everywhere…  Why do demons possess people?  Why don’t they possess those who don’t prescribe to monotheistic faiths?  What is their motivation?

They don’t possess the leaders of the world, but instead choose those who often have nothing in their lives besides a 9-5 job, or attend elementary school, or slave away on a farm making an honest blue-collar living.  454 more words

Demonic Possession

What does a pagan do with Easter?

Jesus rose from the dead. So did Dionysus. So did Osiris. So did Inanna. So did Persephone. It’s nothing new in the grand scheme of religious history. 1,126 more words

Waxing Philosophical