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I ate my pudding mournfully in the empty parking lot, 
I’d forgone a spoon and couldn’t get all of it with my tongue. 
Suck it up, I told myself, this is good training.  289 more words

Poetry And Verse

Why I felt compelled to start Seedling In The Sun

I maintain two other blogs here on WordPress, yet felt compelled to begin a third as a means of developing my alternative spirituality, while not making it obligatory content on my other blogs. 1,157 more words


Sunday Otherfaith Questions

Over on Tumblr, I’ll be answering any questions (basic to complex to anything) about the Otherfaith. You can submit questions, even without having a Tumblr account, here.


Aspects of the Goddess, Aspects of Self

There are several different ways to perceive the Goddess.  Some prefer to see her as an unknowable being and as the feminine balance of Spirit.  On the other hand, I and other practitioners agree with that sentiment but also break her down into different archetypes of women.   351 more words


Lost and found

This most recent pillage of Looking for the Lost Gods of England (I’m not linking you to the Amazon page) by Kathleen Herbert for research purposes has me looking long and hard at Christian tradition and it’s tendency to get wrapped up in other mythologies. 80 more words

The Journey Continues - Healing the Land

Quite a while ago I wrote and article, “The Journey Continues: Leader of the Pack” in which I laid out for you my own personal experiences of being a Coordinator of first “Goddess Gathering” and then “Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary.” Time and tides of life have brought many changes to that land and now the Goddess appears to be calling me, along with others, back once more. 876 more words


Nature heals and inspires

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”.

-John Muir

– The Louis Agassiz Tree in California