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The Crimson Crescent

My awesome colleague at Staff of Asclepius at Patheos, CJ Blackwood, has a WordPress blog entitled The Crimson Crescent and is seeking contributions within the community from feminist witches (can be Dianic, non-Dianic, also do not have to be women or assigned female at birth to contribute, blog is trans-friendly) on where feminism and witchcraft/paganism intersect.   31 more words


Loki!stuff on my Etsy store

So these are some older listings of mine that could use a good home; considering how many Lokeans follow me I’m surprised they haven’t gone yet. 192 more words


Progressive Dialog for Community Leaders Concerning Abuse

As both a Pagan and a witch, I have seen my community insulted, marginalized, put down. So it makes me really sad to see us do this to one another, while at the same time we tout the idea that every individual has a path all their own. 1,476 more words


The Value of Being Passive

Alternative Title: Osiris Knows What’s Up

pas·sive  –  adjective

  1. accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.

Passivity is not a topic you see covered very often.

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Pre-Ritual Body Cleaning

Good evening guys, this post was suppised to be written days ago but some of you might have seen that I’ve injured my hand and it’s been cutting into my typing. 244 more words


The Morrigan, War, & How We See our Gods

The Morrigan, War, & How We See our Gods.

What an excellent post! We really do do the Gods injustice when we place our own views on them. 72 more words