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Pagan Identity

Maybe this should have been under ‘I’… oh well.

Paganism is an identity. I would say that I identify as a Pagan- if I were to tell you that I’m a Pagan you could probably very easily paint a fairly accurate picture about the things that I hold dear and the processes that go on in my mind. 280 more words


The Journey Continues - The Abuse of Power

When you hear or think of the term, “abuse of power” our minds often go to political leaders who were or are known as dictators; the heads of business and industry that were or are known for their ruthlessness in pursuit of success and material gain; wealthy persons who use that wealth and power to create the world in their own image and treat those of lesser standing with disdain; or even to our immediate bosses who feel the title and position they carry permits them to “lord” over us unfairly. 974 more words


A Beginner's Break Down of Pagan Practice and Belief

A few months ago I subscribed to About.com‘s Pagan/Wicca Wiki’s 13-Week E-course on paganism. Uh… yeah. Now it’s a whole lot of information sitting in a folder on my e-mail. 1,151 more words


I want a tarot library

Not a library of my own decks. I want my library to carry tarot decks.

Here’s the deal: yesterday I was browsing the new book section of the library, when I spotted a lumpy book. 315 more words


A Simple Lughnasa / Lammas Celebration 31st July - 1st August

Taken from Spells For Teenage Witches, but this is a lovely way of celebrating that I feel that it can be used no matter what age you are. 228 more words


Paludal Dilemma - Real World Ethics

I was listening to an episode of the Radiolab podcast this week called “For the Birds”, and was struck by the story they told.   In short (from their website): 616 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Pagan Blog Project - Past Life Regression

One aspect of my work that I always find fascinating is Past Life Regression Therapy.

While there are some first time incarnates here most of us have lived many lives before this one and we carry with us a surprising amount of skills and knowledge from these past lives, things we need to help us in this incarnation. 687 more words