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Symbol: Blossom

Blossom, like rainbows, can be symbolic of blessings and represents the fertility of the new growing season.  In times past, blossom was used as confetti, something which is on the increase today. 50 more words


Over Hill and Over Dale...

“Over hill and over dale. Over hill and over dale. Over hill and over dale.”

Over and over and over again. It just came knocking at my head one morning at the breakfast table, about half way between swallowing my lump of buttered toast and reaching out for a sip of coffee.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

The tricky question of magic; A rational approach...

“…The tricky question of magic

Magic is not focal or central to paganism. Pagans can be pagans without using or believing in magic.

The association of paganism and magic is to some extent a historical accident. 412 more words


A Smack In The Face and Getting Back Into Her Good Graces

Tonight was one of those nights where a powerful lesson was learned. It was one of those horrible nights, the kind of night where everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I found myself cursing myself a couple of times wondering why She was putting me through this sort of thing. 275 more words


Earth on My Mind: Earth Day

Why is Earth Day important?


In 1969, the idea was proposed of a day to honor Earth, peace, and the promote environmental responsibility. That day became Earth Day. 701 more words


As stated before I have been using this blog less and less, hopefully I will feel a rush of inspiration to write something about history, culture or bushcraft at some point, in the meantime, I have set up a store for my arts and crafts, and having taken a while to put anything at all on there I have prints available at least. 82 more words


On the God and Goddess

So I had an entire post completed and ready to publish today, and then I almost made it to bed last night before I totally contradicted myself. 306 more words