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How to make sure everyone at the open ritual thinks you're full of shit

Just in case you were really determined to go to your first open ritual and alienate as many people as possible, I present these powerful tips. 1,268 more words


Under a sea of stars

My latest post for my blog Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare, entitled Under a sea of stars, is up.

Also my latest post to my blog… 16 more words


The myth of polytheistic tolerance

Michael Grant, in The Fall of the Roman Empire (1990), writes:

Until the early fourth century AD, the official religion of the Roman world had been pagan.

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Flash Fiction Friday

I meant to do this last Friday but I just have been insanely busy lately and I barely had anything to share. So… now there’s this. 300 more words


Freyja, Thor and Loki

Freyja (with an unnamed servant) present Thor and Loki with her feather cloak, as told in ├×rymskvi├░a.


Our Halloween Facebook post had 34,640 views in last 4 days!

The page is ran by X Medium – Pennie De Witt, X Pagan – Anna Nelson, X Ghost-Hunter – Kristine Maguire, X Spiritualist-Laura Maxwell (myself), & others, including X Witches. 274 more words



This is one of those posts that will bring a flood of people to my blog who were originally searching for porn.

Sorry guys, try somewhere else- no ‘naked pagan sex’ happening here. 545 more words