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Nonfiction Wednesday - Vision of Her

Vision of Her

I had a vision of Her, in the most beautiful clearing of a forest, a little slice of Summerland on Earth just for us. 219 more words


The Concept of "Faith" in Paganism

Faith is a word I’m struggling with a lot lately.

Faith is a big thing in Christianity, in most religions, and in the many years I spent as a Christian, I had a lot of faith. 651 more words


Habitat for Humanity: No Boys Allowed

2 months ago I learned of an opportunity to build for Habitat for Humanity in a unique setting.  The officers of SPIRALS were notified of an interfaith meeting for women only.  1,089 more words


Warding in Ritual

I’ve been invited to be a panelist on the topic of Warding in Ritual at Pantheacon, which is the largest Pagan conference and takes place in a few weeks in San Jose, California. 2,669 more words

Pagan Community



Family: N.O. Iridaceae

The Iris belongs to a family of plants that is justly popular in this country for its many varieties of handsome garden blooms, beautifying the borders in spring and early summer. 2,551 more words


Blindest is He who does not want to see

Not often do I write, and no longer do I write with the candidness that I used to – and I don’t because it no longer serves any purpose to do so. 160 more words


Packing for Civil Unrest

Humans are social creatures.  Personal connection with our community is important for our mental health and social development.  One of the most harmful aspects of our modern consumer culture is the trend towards selfishness  and isolation from ones neighbors.  1,705 more words