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Life Happens

I just wrote a long post about feeling like I’m not being “Pagan Enough” essentially. It’s not really about living up to other peoples standards, it’s about living up to my own. 247 more words

General Paganism


I don’t set a lot of store by astrology; it’s something that I’ve always taken with a pinch of salt. This may seem a little strange for someone who believes in Gods, ghost and the Fey, but something about when your parents chose to have sex dictating who you are and everything about you seems a little off to me. 236 more words


Astrological Musings & More

How familiar are you with the 12 signs of the zodiac? If you are like most people you might be familiar with the sign you were born under, maybe even the signs of those close to you, but the average person doesn’t pay much attention to astrology and would be unable to name all 12 signs. 1,316 more words


Great Release Program - Day 20 - 20 December - Saturday - Big Banish Day -- Silver RavenWolf

2014 Great Release Program
Day 20 – December 20  2014 — Saturday (Saturn Day)
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away! 455 more words

Silver RavenWolf

[Guest Post] Reunion 2014

Reunion celebrates the final stage of one of the Laetha and the Dierne’s mythic arcs, wherein the two deities – having been painfully separated for some time – are finally reunited as a couple. 1,141 more words


Yes, this may offend you.... God?

Rant coming….. May offend some…

I live in North Carolina, middle of the bible belt…. where everyone wants to “save” someone. I am not Christian, was not raised Christian. 504 more words

Paving your own path

So, I stumbled across this new bloggy series recently, and thought I’d share…

We get many (oh, so many!!) posts over at Pagan Forum (plus I see them elsewhere on the net, and sometimes in person at the local shop I frequent) on “I believe X, what does that make me?” or “I don’t know what tradition I should look into” or “Tradition X is really interesting…but its not the perfect fit” or “I’m new to Paganism and don’t know where to go from here” or…well, you get the idea… Lots of people out there, looking for the name of what they believe in, or a structure to follow that fits what they believe in, or just a place to call their spiritual home where they can meet like minded individuals. 200 more words