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As Above So Below

Just doing some more experiments with watercolor textures.


An announcement

I’m officially bloggging at Patheos now. Mistress of the Hearth isn’t moving, and I’m not at the Pagan channel there. I actually have a new blog at the Hindu Channel called… 78 more words


Heathen Poetry #3 'Tyr of the Old World' by Matthias Wilson

‘Tyr of the Old World
inheritor of roles
Skalds speak your glory
a tumult in our souls

Tyr of the Hand
bravery’s single light
for the sake of Gleipnir’s bands… 129 more words



Up until recently I’ve practised Druidry as a ‘spiritual path’ rather than religion, and I’ve not strongly identified as Pagan. On launching my contemplative inquiry at the end of 2011, I assumed that this stance would be reinforced through the adoption of practices more widely associated with other spiritual families. 826 more words

What Is This All About, I Mean, Really?

There’s just something about purging my closet that really lights a fire in my brain (in a good way, not an icky way). I feel lighter, more inspired. 920 more words

Transformative 30

Can I be a Christian Witch?

Yes…why not?

Well witchcraft is evil right?

Only if you think that, then there is no point in you being a witch right?

Well yeah…so its not evil? 254 more words

Im a Christian Wiccan...

Excuse me…you’re a whoosy whatsy now?

This is an extremely tense subject in any Wiccan page you come to. Wanna know why? Because it sounds silly. 207 more words