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My Own Brand of Paganism.

A colleague mentioned I should do a blog post on Paganism. I assume she’s interested to know what it is to be pagan, or what it means. 1,053 more words

The dog days

The dog days, my latest post on Staff of Asclepius at Patheos.


Excerpt from Visions of Vanaheim: The Boar Tribe

The Boar tribe were, until recently, the ruling tribe of Vanaheim.  (The current king and queen have Boar lineage but are not Boar affiliated.) They took control from the Serpents about nine thousand years ago.   686 more words



Please excuse me for I am designing this today.  Be sure and check back in 12 hours or so, to view my new site!


musings on moving on

so can these shoes take me to
who I was before
I was stabbing my sticks into
a vulnerable earth
and I can almost out run you… 402 more words