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The words rolling from your lips
Are viscous like blood,
While tasting like honey.
Can’t recall the time spent hiding,
But centuries must be too short, 61 more words


Hymn to the Morrigan #2

Terrible Grandmother,

Black and Red Woman,

Let me drink your rage

Until it transforms me.

Let your fires cleanse me from my bowels to my skin… 12 more words



When I initially had this experience during a ‘guided’ meditation earlier this week, I was not going to share it, but now I feel that maybe I should. 864 more words

Goddess Rising

Tara Rice: No Harm

This fabulous Pagan singer/songwriter from Toronto contacted me with this awesome song and music video.  And she didn’t ask me to do anything other than look at it.   7 more words


Splendor Solis VII: Oration to the Mother of the Gods

Is it requisite that we should speak about particulars of this kind; and that we should divulge, by a written oration, things which it is not lawful to mention, and which are ineffable? 8,305 more words



Highly recommended When a Pagan Prays by Nimue Brown is an ambitious book, and a courageous one. On my reading it blends two voices. The first offers a cool appraisal of prayer by a Pagan Druid strongly influenced by existentialist philosophy. 635 more words

Symbolism of the Rosy Cross Aug 28th

The Rosy Cross is a symbol that is steeped in Western Esoteric concepts. Join Soror Gimel as she deciphers it and discover for yourself the rich symbolism contained in one glyph.