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Dating 101: dating the same type guys- a dead end?

Dorothy, everybody’s favorite serial dater, was a peripatetic-romantic. She amazed her friends with the number of dates she went on, each week. Testing the Waters? 693 more words
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No Pajamas in Public, Binkie: Top 5 reasons - no second date for you

No Pajamas in Public, Binkie.  The top five reasons he is not going to ask you for second date
  1. You showed up wearing pajamas. At 11:00AM.
  2. 186 more words
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Super Moon inspires romance? Absolutely.

 Moon-lighting Tonight: what is more romantic than a full moon?

Word on the street is that the sexy, full, Super Moon inspires bold romance – Carpe noctem, darling. 188 more words

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Summer in the City - take me out to the ballgame or museum!

“Summer is a great time to visit art museums, which offer the refreshing rinse of swimming pools – only instead of cool water, you immerse yourself in art.” …
540 more words
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Top 3 reasons David Denby movie reviews are a buzz kill

One of life’s tough lessons:

People who love movies, read the David Denby movie reviews in the New Yorker after they have seen the movie. 205 more words

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Real soccer stars? Women swoon over these two

Little known fact: Worldwide, 63% of all soccer fans are women. We are rabid soccer fans.

What’s not to like? Droves of handsome, young men – buff, virile, robust, at the top of their game, and, obviously  ‘Allergic to Wearing Shirts’ (as evidenced by constant furling and flinging of said shirts off their perfect torsos.) 150 more words

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