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Discussion (5): Where I Get My Books From

I may or may not have written a post on a similar topic before, I can’t really remember, but here it is (again), so enjoy! 514 more words

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CST 360: Conservative or Liberal? El Cope or El Pais?

During a three-day excursion in Madrid, we were given the prestigious opportunity to attend two major newspapers:

El Cope


El Pais

Or, as I saw it… 431 more words

360: Conflicting Media in Spain

 El Cope and El Pais are cut from the same media cloth.

They both are huge influences in the Spanish media and both do not keep up with international news. 314 more words

CST 360: Newspapers and Radio Still Standing Strong

Newspapers and radio are dying.

That is what I thought prior to learning about the newspaper and radio industries this week.

But I was wrong. 544 more words

CST 360: CADENA SER vs. The New York Times


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Radio and newspaper can be effective forms of advertising, but both forms come with disadvantages.  I believe both can be effective if used to target the appropriate age groups.  300 more words

360: Everything has a Pro and Con

None of the statements made in the reading come as a shock to me. This section of the reading has valid pros and cons to both radio and newspaper. 282 more words

CST 360: Relying On a Reputable Reputation

I remember a few years ago when I was in middle school and high school and my teachers would tell me, “make sure you find credible sources.” What did that include? 487 more words