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The Digital Revolution

This documentary opened my eyes to the revolution that is going on in the newspaper industry. I knew that many papers were shutting down as more and more people turn to the internet for their news, but I had no idea that it was so bad. 272 more words

A Look Back: The Best Films of 2011

In this series I like to call “A Look Back”, I will be recounting certain years in film, director’s filmography, and actor’s careers.  To kick things off, here are my favorite films of 2011 (a particularly good year in film I thought). 2,531 more words

Film Beat

Mikel Walker - Page 1

Something with a different pace for the day. Seattle based Mikel Walker dropped this single as an exclusive for his website, and it grabbed me because this sample is straight out of my moms record collection. 6 more words


Response to Page One: Inside the New York Times

I thought that the possibility of not having print newspapers was very interesting and I’m not sure if I feel that will ever happen. It seems as if print is dying out, that is evident, but I feel that there may always be some sort of place for it. 191 more words

We Can All Hang Separately or Survive Together

I’m in a number of media classes this semester (knocking out my minor requirements in one go, I guess), and most of them have dedicated a large amount of class time to the ways in which corporations control media. 563 more words

Name That Page. The First Thing You Should Do If You're Not Already Doing It.

Maybe you know maybe you don’t. You should get your “title tags” sorted and named so that your clients can find you, but even more important so that Google can find you. 179 more words