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Animation Test 21 - Final

Well for the time been anyways, the last of the animation tests and for the last test it’s not too bad, rather I like this test, feels right, however I find the ending (when she turns) somewhat limiting and what brings down the quality of this test but that’s due to deadlines I guess. 180 more words

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Editing Tip #30

Writing A Page-Turner: Pt 1

Have I hooked you yet?  If you’re looking for a “sure-fire” formula to follow, my suggestion would be to buy a book: … 501 more words


Animation Test 20 -

Couple of problems with these shots one been the timing, easy fix, just extend the frames, however due to the music timings it’ll mess up the music. 263 more words

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Animation test 18 -

Not a particularity difficult scene to animate but feels unfinished and I can’t add much due to the timings otherwise everything will move too quickly if I try adding any more motion. 315 more words

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Animation Test 17 - Smears

A lot of experimenting this week so sadly it’s slowed down producing Part C, however this experimentation has been very valuable, the result is each scene can be produced faster (hopefully) and even able to fix certain issues with previous animation shots I’ve created and overall improving quality. 1,103 more words

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The Running Man - Stephen King (Richard Bachman)

THIS IS NOT exactly a brand spanking new book review. The Running Man was published in 1982, two years before I was even born. What is fascinating is that despite its age the book still reads very fresh and is the best book I’ve read from King (albeit I’ve only read Joyland as well). 299 more words


Animation test 16

The final clip for Part B and Part C can now begin! Which is the more exciting scenes Rapunzel’s enters! For this shot, it didn’t have much difficulty, I even gathered some 3D information which the first gif you see I used but the second it was necessary but having it was great for reference. 205 more words

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