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How Google Crawls and Indexes the Web

Have you ever wondered how Google works? How Google crawls and indexes the Web? Why do some pages rank higher than others? What is the magical combination of keywords and quality content to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results? 906 more words


Introductory Page to Turtle Showcase

As anyone with an unhealthy obsession with a particular hobby, fandom, food, or in this case, animal, one can expect lots of gushing, ranting, and positive objectification on a page like this, dedicated to talking about a single subject. 155 more words


Redbubble Page: Finally Updated

I thought I would spend some time updating my Redbubble Page, I’ve now added some of my photographs from the Skulls Project including some of my other photographic work and they’re all for sale! 14 more words


ALERT! Page shutdown

I believe the Lord allows some things for a reason, and lets them go through their season (Didn’t mean to rhyme :) ).

My page/category “Revelations (Dreams, Vision, Word)” is no longer going to be available on my blog (for now or forever? 32 more words


Car and Bicycle Collide

“He looked to be coherent. I don’t know, I don’t wanna diagnose anything. He was complaining about his leg,” McCorkle said. Tuesday morning, around 7:35, a driver who was dropping off their student for school, hit a cyclist while exiting the parking area. 186 more words


Page 6

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Next page this Saturday!  Page schedule will be changing to Mon,Wed,Fri in February! 35 more words