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A Pay Phone!!!

Ok, that was a little dramatic. BUT I just saw a pay phone (and get this), someone was actually using it! I wonder how much those things cost now. 70 more words


Bringing A Legacy Pager Network Back to Life

recently found his old pager in the middle of a move, and decided to fire it up to relive his fond memories of receiving a page. 203 more words

Wireless Hacks

New PLDT Land line. FINALLY.

I grew up not having a telephone or land line telephone at home. Yep, NOTHING. But, like many of the kids I grew up would say, We we’re fine. 1,201 more words


Throwback Thursday: Pagers

Whether you called it a pager or a beeper, two¬†things were clear: you couldn’t live without it and man, oh man, was it cool. Answering machines? 30 more words

LinkIt ONE - first impressions

TL;DR – The LinkIt ONE is an awesome Arduino, with a ton of great integrated peripherals, but I fear there’s too much of a gap between Arduino style development and building the next generation of connected things – though hopefully that gets covered by the forthcoming Eclipse based SDK. 823 more words