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I've seen the future, and Google is not my preferred search engine.

As you may have noticed, Google search results are getting increasingly encumbered by crud, meaningless results, and ads.
That was precisely the reason why we all switched from Altavista to Google, years ago. 1,268 more words


PageRank For SQL Lovers

If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning (Larry Page, CEO and Co-Founder of Google)

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How To Win The Race Between Search Engines And Search Engine Optimizers

The Search engine’s purpose is to provide useful, high quality and relevant information for any search term. There is a real war between the search engines’ methods and algorithms and search engine optimizers. 551 more words

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PageRank Optimisation

Page Rank is a value that determines how important a page is on the web, in other words it tells Google how important the page is and whether or not it should be displayed before other webpages. 436 more words


Bloggers Clean Up Your Comments

How do you feel about self serving fakes and pretenders online, who employ opportunistic means to drive traffic to their blog?

How does approving and posting their comments on your site affect it? 152 more words

Blogging Tips

The Importance Of Obtaining Backward Links

I am sure that most people who have a website are looking into ways to help them to attract more people to read their site. There are many differing opinions on the best way to go about doing this but one thing that most people agree on is that it is essential to build up the number of backward links that point to your site. 535 more words

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