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Website Traffic - Week of 10/19/14

Website Traffic for the Week of 10/19/14 (10/13/14-10/19/14): 48,309 Unique Visitors / 358,971 Unique Page Views / 804,416 Hits


Website Traffic - Week of 10/12/14

Website Traffic for the Week of 10/12/14 (10/6/14-10/12/14): 49,475 Unique Visitors / 310,384 Unique Page Views / 763,075 Hits


Chartbeat gets certified to measure attention, tries to move advertising away from clicks and pageviews

For some time now, media companies and content producers of various kinds have been trying to convince the rest of the industry — and especially advertisers — to move away from flawed measurements like pageviews and unique visitors and… 474 more words

Sunday blogwanking

I always feel like there’s no reason for anyone to be interested in these, but they always end up creating some conversation, and I find myself popping in when others do similar posts, so maybe I just don’t know anything about what people find interesting. 465 more words