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Update: Pilot describes lava activity

Dan Malakie, a pilot with Paradise Helicopters, shares his insights on the lava activity as it creeps closer to Pahoa.

In a quick volcano update for the 23rd of October at 6:30pm, Malakie notes that there is still activity along the ten mile lava tube extending from the Pu’u O’o Vent towards the Pahoa area. 85 more words

Kilauea Volcano Update

Update: Hawaii Volcano Observatory sees increase in flow advance rate towards Pahoa

According to a Hawaii Volcano Observatory update yesterday, lava continues to erupt at a low discharge rate from Puʻu ʻŌʻō into the June 27th flow lava tube. 172 more words

Kilauea Volcano Update

Clean House and Change the Bedding to Greet the Lava

The gem of a video clip below offers a glimpse into an aspect of native Hawaiian culture of which many people may be unaware. As lava flows on the island, there are vast cultural differences in how the native and immigrant cultures view the event. 360 more words

Cultural Detective

What you can Learn from a Natural Disaster State-of-Mind | Threat of Lava Flow Isolation in Hawai'i

It takes a strong mental mindset to grasp the idea of possibly being cut-off due to a natural disaster. Hurricanes give you a small space of time to prepare as my Outer Banks friends & I know all too well as we have been cutoff from the main source of civilization. 655 more words


Next Meeting: November 1, 2014 4:30-6:30 PM at Hawaiian Sanctuary

Our Vision: We envision an innovative, prosperous and multicultural community that meets the needs and dreams of all

Our Purpose:  Through the Spirit of Aloha, we connect our skills, talents and resources to create a sustainable, thriving and welcoming Puna, as we inspire the next 7 generations. 348 more words

New restrictions put in place for aircraft flying near lava flow

The lava flow continues its slow crawl toward Pahoa, sparking a large bush fire this morning and advancing 150 yards since Sunday.

And interest in the lava flow is so great, Hawaii County Civil Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration have now teamed up to place new restrictions on air traffic in the area. 240 more words


Pele flows - Surrender & sweat lodge

Oct. 6th, 2014

Walking on the turning wheel of the Earth, living under the ever-rotating Sun, man expect a peaceful life”

- Hazrat Inayat Khan… 1,111 more words