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Easter Basket of Savings!

Easter is upon us, and you’ve either spent a bunch of money already or you are about to. Statistics say that we will spend about $140 this year. 148 more words

Last Minute Tax Fun

By the time next Tuesday’s blog post rolls out on 4/15, it will be Tax Day. So, consider this post to be the Last Minute! 192 more words

April Shower of Savings!

It’s almost April, and time to look at the months best bargains! Here are some highlights:

  • Electronics: It’s the end of the fiscal year in Japan, and everything must go!
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Today’s Connected Consumer

I found a stack of mildly interesting graphics on the web, describing various aspects of today’s Connected Consumer.

Today, consumers of all ages and lifestyles are connected to the brands and businesses they love via multiple screens and devices. 245 more words

Spring Home Improvement Fun?

It’s been a tough winter for just about everybody. And, trust me, I know it’s relative. If I tell you that here in Charleston SC, we had a cold snap where “it got down to 19 degrees one night!” many of you will laugh. 281 more words

Consumer Culture Hall of Fame!

If you asked me what the biggest consumer trends of the past however-many years would be, I would say cell phones are at the top of the list. 397 more words

Dollar Store Don'ts!

The hard-hitting sequel! Or something.

As much as I love the dollar store, there are some items you probably shouldn’t bother with, as the value doesn’t quite stand up. 358 more words