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What is the ‘Not Provided’ Organic Keywords Problem (and what can You do about it)?

By Sue Brady

It’s been six months since Google made the change that shook up the SEO market. If you are still perplexed about what to do about it, read on. 347 more words


How to Use Bing Parameters

If you’re not using parameter fields in Bing Ads yet, I highly suggest giving them a shot. They not only help make things more efficient, but they also help your ads to be more specific to searches and improve CTR. 842 more words

Marketing News Roundup: Week Ending April 4, 2014

Actual News

#OrangeDigitalDozen 28 Mar 2014

Welcome to #OrangeDigitalDozen – a weekly digest of 12 unmissable articles we’ve found online, shared around the office or bumped into elsewhere. 

This week’s #DigitalDazzler… 264 more words

Content Marketing

Telling "Stories" w/ Data & Wye Oak

10:20am – I was having a conversation  this morning about telling a “storytelling” with data. There has seemingly been a disconnect in recent occasions where the raw data that was asked for didn’t “fit into the story” that we wanted to tell to the client. 261 more words

Paid Search coming this weekend to InSequent 360 Platform

First it was mobile websites and SMS. Then came desktop and tablet sites. Then automated SEO, landing pages and Lead Gen. Now this weekend we will be releasing a brand new module on our Digital Services Platform – PPC/Paid Search. 35 more words

The End Has Come

This will be my last required post for my Digital Marketing class. I am glad that I was given the chance to create this blog and try my hand at writing. 847 more words