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Digital Strategies to Drive Retail Traffic

Most retailers rely on media to support store openings and store events as well as for lifting sales of struggling retail locations. Drive-to-retail marketing plans have typically consisted of radio, print and TV in order to build awareness, but more recently, digital has become an increasingly important component of the media mix.  424 more words

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Paid Search Advertising


Paid Advertising has become pedestal in selling products and services on the internet; What is it? How does it work? What are the different platforms? 910 more words

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Ebay: Paid search has no measurable benefit?

Search Engine Marketing is today’s most efficient way for an organisation to meet its objective of delivering relevant content for searchers and encouraging they to click through to a destination site.(Chaffey et al, 2012). 594 more words

What is a Paid Search Restructure, Anyway?

Many paid search advertisers turn over the keys of their campaign to an agency to manage it and don’t typically get under the hood too often to see how the campaign is structured. 779 more words

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Troubleshooting Paid Search Performance

When sales from paid search suddenly spike in the wrong direction, it can be a nightmare figuring out how and why. It shouldn’t have to be, though. 625 more words

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We know as digital marketers that the landscape has evolved to a complex world of options. “Back in the day” of digital advertising you could spend your money with Google for search and the rest went to the portals (AOL, MSN, Yahoo). 551 more words

Staffing for Digital: More Important Than Ever to Get It Right

Before talking about present-day staffing needs in digital, here is a quick look back at the evolution.  For a time, digital marketing was a sexy new career choice.  682 more words

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