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Misunderstanding (femoral) adduction

Prefatory note

Depending on your background, this may be one of those posts you have to slog your way through. (I know because writing it made me rethink how I felt about myself.) To some degree, it’s supposed to be. 3,167 more words


the days seem to be getting longer

the pain is so intense. I’m tired of doctors telling me I’m too young for my symptoms so they do nothing to help treat the pain. 28 more words

Chronic Pain

Don't Break Your Back Paying Bills For Back Pain!

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Cold wind.

‘Don’t take it to your heart.’ Her mother said.
She looked at her face, thought, ‘How? How do you do this?’

‘Don’t take it your heart, learn to forget.’ Said her best friend. 400 more words


1/27/15 Morning Musing: Live Your Story!

When I was in high school, there was this really adorable couple…you know the kind…they were so into each other and so singularly-focused that you just knew that they were going to always be together…not because of PDA…just because they treated each other with complete tenderness and respect. 929 more words


Beauty and the beast.

Her cries filled the night air, as they always do, night after night.

By the time he got to her she was shaking and shivering with her knees to her chest and the pain within unmistakably displayed on her face. 402 more words


Stormy Heart Serenade - Damages

My dream –  25 January 2015

The day was one of those humid but unremarkable days with the exception of a forecast that included inclement weather. 706 more words