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It has been a year of loss and pain and sadness
It has been a time that left me broken and beaten and alone
I have slept and cried and tried to escape… 75 more words


Where Did The Week Go?

This has been strange week #2 in a short span of time.  I am more than ready for a “normal” week to return.

First off, this was the week I went back to the rheumatologist.  1,011 more words


The stupidity of painting a three year old's nails...

I regret it every single time.

I told her “Beauty is sacrifice, you have to sit still” and she rolled her eyes as she wiped the nail polish off on her new shirt.


7/25/14 Morning Musing: Pouring into One Another

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and praises in my soul despite the barking that was causing me to wake up at 5:30am (Again! 761 more words



Bad days are like sour cherries. Even in a great batch of fruit, you hit some duds. As you munch, you’re going to get some berries that are overripe, sour, or bitter. 407 more words


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I woke up this morning feeling pretty pissed off and snarly, but feeling, as I so often do, obliged to put a happy face upon the inner growl. Then, flicking through blog posts from friends, I found this one. Written by the fabulous Marilyn Armstrong, it expresses perfectly something which many of us, I suspect, secretly feel. A must-read post, in my opinion. Thank you, Marilyn, for articulating this so honestly.

The Shoe and the Doormat

I think obsessively.

I wish I didn’t, but I do. I offer my heart and time to pretty much anyone. And I like that about myself. 179 more words