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"Arthritis is a normal response to an abnormal stimulus"

From an upcoming, much longer post, detailing my second visit to The Washington University in St. Louis. Where I took a course by Shirley Sahrmann and the physical therapy department. 1,181 more words


Time for Action to Help Relieve Pain

I started to write this blog in 2009. That was five years after I had recovered from chronic severe back pain. I had written a non-published book at that time about the experience of healing. 906 more words



the beam of light came ripping

through the cracks of my soul

as I picked my head up from the 30 story fall.

the cold earth stood still beneath me… 15 more words


Professional Help...Post-it Note #61

We all need help sometimes. When we’re sick we call a doctor. When we have a toothache we call the dentist. When the pipes burst we call a plumber. 534 more words

God's Grace

April Moon 14, Day 3. Home: earliest memory...

Home for me spelled, and smelled of, fear. There were many reasons: my father’s diabetes; the fragility of my parents’ marriage; the anger between them… 411 more words

Easy Reading

Broken : Reflections

Broken up

Torn to shreds

Cut up like ribbons

Shattered fragments of glass

Wandered the path of ethereal beauty

but upon reflection in its place were a multitude of… 22 more words