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Peshawar Attack

16-12-14, Indeed a black day in the history of Pakistan.

So I log in to my twitter account yesterday at 12;00 pm and saw a friend’s tweet about an attack by TERRORISTS in Peshawar at ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL. 605 more words


Tuesday's Agenda


My refresher yoga practice can be crossed off my list. I have been getting weak due to this flare (there’s only so much you can do that won’t cause you to go running to the bathroom) and my headstands have been a little unstable. 228 more words

Chronic Illness


I’m tired.

Of running.

I’ve been running for a long time.

From reality.

From me.

From life.

And now I’m tired.

I’m tired of coping up with everything. 75 more words


Nettle leaf tea and cranberries cured her UTI

Your health and life can be saved by knowing the health benefits of what is in your kitchen cupboards or practical health knowledge and support from the people around you. 152 more words


The Doctor Appointment: Post-it Note #132

In a perfect world we would never have to take our kids to the doctor.  But I would settle for a logical and peaceful world.  A world in which a 4-year-old responds with an “ok mom” when they are told they need to go to the doctor if they want their yucky throat to feel better. 348 more words

God's Grace

Run away.






Why can’t I run away from all of this?

Why can’t I just travel to an unknown destination where no one can find me? 120 more words


I will not be defined by this!

I don’t believe in defining an individual by what I can observe in the short term. It’s the whole journey that interests me. I am curious about the specific stops and struggles along the way for sure, but the story of the whole trip is far more fascinating. 439 more words