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Release by Ann Pitts

Going through pain is something we have all experienced. Whether it be a cut on our body or someone hurting our feelings, both types of pain give you an uncomfortable feeling. 334 more words


Breakdown? I suppose so...

Accepting my reality I moved on.
But tonight I took a deeper breath leading myself to a state of daydream that I had no control over. 385 more words

Having to "Die Daily"

I thought coming to The Lord was going to be like a bed of roses, simple, easy-going and luxurious, you know all the good things, but I never imagined the thorns, the criticisms, persecutions and having to “die daily”. 622 more words


Meant For Good by Sara Miller

Have you ever known someone who experienced something painful in their life and that pain seemingly crippled them?  I am sure you have.  Many of us experience very painful things in life and the enemy wants nothing more than to use that pain to stop us in our tracks.   299 more words



My breaths are slow, deep.
Water clogs my ears.
My eyes burn due to the saline water entering them.
It’s silent.

Underneath there, it’s silent. 177 more words


Training by Hannah Kumler

To excel in almost any sport, one thing that is extremely important to do is train. Without preparation, it is hard to accomplish the task at hand. 287 more words


Dear Lost Me

It seems like a heavy burden has been lifted up my shoulders. I remember always shedding tears, you believed in everything that everyone told you. You were never satisfied but I am glad that you are gone, it was necessary to say our goodbyes for me to be the person I am today. 125 more words