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Pain Control

Pain relief is desperately needed by many chronically sick people. Medical drugs are a wonderful help until used excessively. Both medical and street drugs are adsorbed into the opiate receptors. 284 more words

Pain Control

Can you call in a RX containing Hydrocodone?

2TheApex:  Not any more (as of today)

Effective today any medication containing Hydrocodone is Reclassified as Schedule II.  Yes, Hydrocodone combined with Tylenol is now Schedule… 232 more words


Hypochondria and Pain: real Mind-Body Phenomena

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View from the far side of the recliner

Hypochondria and Pain: real Mind-Body Phenomena

I saw a client tonight who came to see me for hypochondria.   473 more words

Don Berlyn

Pain just got harder.

There is a new law going into effect October 6th, 2014 regarding hydrocodone making it a schedule II drug up from a schedule III.  Now a triplicate handwritten prescription from the prescriber, usually a physician, will be required … and there won’t be refills unless you see the doctor again in person. 463 more words


Ki-Hara Free Style Arms: The Case of the Torn Shoulder Labrum

SLAP tear (Superior Labrum, Anterior to Posterior) is an injury to the cartilage inside the shoulder joint that keeps the humeral head stable in the socket. 139 more words

The THANK YOU letter to my doctor ... AKA a journey to my hysterectomy

<3 Dear Dr. Y,

I had so much more to say than what I wrote in the thank you card I mailed your office.

So, here it is … 1,350 more words