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A stress fracture in your foot can derail your season - how to prevent it

Baseball, football, basketball, Lacrosse, gymnastics, running, tennis – no matter what sport you play, you may experience a stress fracture in your foot or lower leg at some point. 578 more words
Foot Pain

Do bunion splints and braces actually work?

Most people who first develop a bunion reach for over the counter remedies to control the pain and soreness which accompany the deformity. After all, who wants bunion surgery if they don’t absolutely need it? 506 more words

Foot Pain

Basketball: How to avoid the most common foot and ankle injuries

It’s safe to say that no sport demands more from an athlete’s feet and ankles than Basketball. Every movement on the court starts with the player’s feet – every shot, every rebound, and every pass. 906 more words

Pain In Foot

Purple, bulging, painful veins in feet or ankles may be Varicose veins

Pregnant young women get them. So do aging women and men.

Varicose veins, which  lie just under the surface of the skin and appear swollen, twisted, and enlarged, may or may not represent a threat to your health. 566 more words

Pain In Foot