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After hearing from my friend Long Hair, and her desire to try some kind of  pain management with her bad back while going through her journey towards a recovery and sober lifestyle, I did some research on line and came across this article. 4,729 more words


On Grief: 48 Hours After Diagnosis

2 years and 10 months ago, to the day, I woke up in pain. Not a headache, not a little soreness, but a pain that racked my body such that I spent the next 3 weeks laying on my living room floor desperately watching every episode of Friends and Gilmore Girls to distract myself from my fear and agony. 963 more words

Empathy And Compassion

Hard Work and Lifelong Learning Yield Comforting Results For Patients

Many years before Dr. Christian Jones and I became partners in crime at Fit Physical Therapy, we both had an amazingly talented and knowledgeable mentor (in fact, we still do). 759 more words

Denver-metro Physical Therapy

Back Pain Exercises For Specific Back Conditions

When I talk about tailoring a back pain exercise program to my clients specific needs, I have in mind the specific condition – provided that one can be identified – that is the root cause of your chronic back pain. 371 more words

Back Pain

L-Arginine Dosage

What is l-arginine? What are l-arginine benefits? What is the recommended l-arginine dosage? The present article provides answers to these questions. Read on to know why do people use this supplement… 709 more words

Amino Acid

Facial Rejuvenation - Non Invasive Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

The skin care market keeps rapidly expanding with new facial rejuvenation procedures. People have all sorts of alternatives today to invasive plastic surgeries like face lift and eye lifts. 398 more words

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