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The Fears of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

What if I cannot get another prescription for my hydrocodone measly 5 mg. for my pain? What if my doctor won’t change my prescription for a larger dose that might actually kick my pain? 231 more words


Sick of Being Sick of Being Sick ...

It’s a never-ending cycle, I might get a few days where I feel okay (because feeling GOOD is a rare day indeed), but most days I wake up and by the time I get to the coffee machine, I say to myself, “I feel like shit. 421 more words


Second Verse, Much Worse!

Well, I’d been warned that hand surgery would be a bear, but that only begins to describe it. The pain is just incredible.

We had to be at the Surgical Center at 7 AM yesterday – NPO, … 303 more words


PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is a condition, in my words, in which a woman’s moods drop or raise drastically prior to her cycle. Anger, rage, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc. 226 more words


Day 964

Today I am thankful:

For the energy to finish our shopping today.

Because the grocery store had many items on their Buy One Get One Free sale, so we saved quite a bit of money. 37 more words


It Stinks Around Here

While no leisurely time to post lately, I’ve read way too many horror stories about the way people have been treated trying to obtain pain prescriptions for their LEGITIMATE pain. 475 more words


MORE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a number of you who know whats currently been going on with me. I might as well update the rest of you as I got some news and hopefully it WILL be okay news, and hopefully prayers for good news. 300 more words