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a gcs adventure: day 27 night and day 28 [and a note]

No NSFW pic this time! Read down and I explain why.

I’m including day 27 night because…what a night.  I had random shooting pain and general unease and uncomfortableness.   456 more words

A GCS Adventure

Marijuana, Pain Pills, and Natural Alternatives

I am sore and unsteady today. My feelings are more of sadness, thinking too much or maybe not too much of my brother Al. But, I changed my mind about blogging tonight after reading a dear friends post tonight. 853 more words

Super Bugs

Going Insane

I ran out of Ativan for my anxiety so i took an opiate pill. I know it was a stupid move but I needed something to calm me down or else i get paranoid. 335 more words

My Pill Crutch

Like a drink of alcohol, I feel like taking a pain killer to ease my aches and pains. I know it’s still got a hold on me. 101 more words

We're NOT the Criminals

As if things were not already bad enough, October 6, 2014, was certainly a change-game event for those of us unfortunate enough to have some medical condition that causes us chronic pain: the new DEA laws started. 423 more words


A GCS Adventure: Day 18

Day 18 pussy pic.

Last night was interesting.  I went to bed around 1 when A and M were still up.  M was watching a movie – I tuned in and out during it but was mostly asleep.   277 more words

A GCS Adventure

And the worry starts....

I currently weigh in at: 114.4 lbs this AM.  This past week I’ve been losing a lot of weight without binging/purging.  Granted I am still doing that, but not as much as I had been doing it in the weeks prior to this one.  684 more words