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Marijuana 90 Day Test Tube Experiment

There has been a theory put forth for many years, by many people, who like to enjoy the smoke of this plant. This theory is that the chemicals of the plant are a better and a more natural pain killer than the medication we humans create in our labs. 180 more words

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

Procedure and Surgery

I’ve been horrible at writing.  I seriously have to sit down and designate a time to write.  I swear my life would be better.

Usually when I don’t write for a long time, I’m struggling.  717 more words


The chances that you'll be fairly broke, won't complete the dreams you dreamed, and will always be looking....

If you start using prescription pain pills, along with sedatives, tranquilizers, and all the other assorted pills you can buy on the street, your chances of achieving what you dreamed of at 15 or so will be more and more distant with time.   360 more words


How I Handle Pain

sigh, I am that person who always thinks “it doesn’t hurt that much, I’ve hurt worse, suck it up and deal” when something hurts. I think this way for all pain, whether it is an organ that has twisted and is dying (totally happened), a bleeding finger I bashed during a dragon boat race (true story) or my hips (my current true story). 967 more words

Home Life

Pain Pills, Scans, and Prom


So we have a Plan! Today we had an appointment with Emma’s new primary care Neuro-Oncologist Dr. Broniscer. He is a big, friendly, Brazilian man who has a daughter Emma’s age and keenly relates to her as a young patient. 296 more words

Complaint blames CA doctor for 3 overdose deaths

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California medical authorities want to suspend or revoke the license of an Orange County pain doctor, saying he negligently prescribed powerful narcotics to three patients who died of overdoses. 116 more words


Oral Surgery

She looked vulnerable. Her face as pale as her cream colored sweater, the gauze the dental assistant had placed in her mouth, in an effort to stem any blood from the holes where one rotted tooth and two broken off teeth had been, was half in her mouth, half pushing against her lower lip. 691 more words