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An inconsequential contemplation of pain

Although I’ve experienced intense pain as I’m sure most people have, I’ve never really given much thought to the mechanics of it. However, as the title implies, this is not a scientific examination of pain, but neither is it meant to play it down. 358 more words


Pain and aesthetics

Whilst recovering from a particularly unpleasant migraine this afternoon, I came across this photo I took whilst travelling through Bolivia.

It nicely sums up my current state – a haze of pain in the foreground with the glimmer of a more serene feeling in the distance to come. 374 more words



In the 20 years of my life I had never been to the dentist, which is quite weird for someone who comes from a family where everybody had braces. 440 more words

The Amateur Indian

Springtime Renewal

Moves within the confines
of their structured little dance—
pretending not to be someone,
pretending not to want.

Opens to possibilities
wide beneath the sky—
awaiting for the rain,
come soon and drench the 
the pain good-bye. 51 more words

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