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Grow up.

I don’t think it’s cool to compare pain and tell people that they don’t deserve to feel their pain because it isn’t as severe as someone suffering from starvation. 11 more words


Acupuncture and Ankle Pain with Jennifer Dabu – Video Challenge Day 5

I attended Peak Potentials 5 day “Train the Trainer” seminar/awesome learning experience this past weekend in Los Angeles. We were given a 7 day video challenge to record ourselves on video for at least 30 seconds. 13 more words



I still can’t bring myself to go in depth about her but I just thought…what would she think of me now? Why do I do this to myself? 25 more words

She is different to you

She is different to you. She doesn’t wear make-up like you do. She doesn’t straighten her hair, nor feel the need to wear what you think is fashionable. 179 more words


sore mouth and uni life

Happy Halloween!!

I woke up yesterday morning with excruciating mouth pain where my wisdom tooth is. I’ve had the tooth chilling there for years without a problem, but yesterday morning was horrible. 210 more words

Life is Hard

My life has never felt harder than it is now. I continue to feel low, demotivated, listless – in short crap. I wish I had something more positive to write but since I absolutely detest pretense, I will take my own advice and stay honest with my emotions. 676 more words


He Already Sees Me This Way

She says, are you feeling okay?

Absolute concern coming

off her tongue, proceeding a follow-

up to my yes. Why are you laying like

that? My body is curled in question… 259 more words