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They care only for themselves

In this race against time.

Stuck behind pieces of thick yellow tape,

I stand, a naked and bruised pantomime,

Marsh air so thick it lingers on my tongue. 164 more words


I Miss You

Dear you,

I miss you,
I miss you so much
until I can’t even think
any single thing beside you.

I miss you,
I miss you so much… 55 more words

Shit, I'm still alive!

At the moment I’m disappointed every time I wake up in the morning. The amytriptaline seems to be giving me some decent nights sleep which is great as it is the only time I am at peace. 282 more words

My TV theme song

One of the biggest challenges I did not expect on this journey has been dealing with my new weight and body image. I have always been fit, having grown up (age 2 to 22) a serious dancer and even have a degree in choreography. 404 more words


The pain is ripping through me down my whole right side. I try to hide from it and get some sleep but that’s a joke. I hate my body but it is mine. 63 more words

My Mind


Je vous croyais
Je croyais en notre amour
Je croyais en votre mensonge
Il suffit de l’accepter, vous avez dit
Non, il vous aime ils ont dit… 30 more words