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Creating Happiness

WOO HOO! Finally started writing a blog/blogs.

This is a simple expression of happiness, and today I am happy to share an extract from the book I am currently reading(THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING BY NORMAN VINCENT PEALE). 799 more words


Find your inner Lion

Pain is a guest that visits every man, women and child. Its a visitor that leaves its mark long after it leaves.

Humans deal with pain through distraction, we usually forget that after heartbreak doesn’t come comfort eating and mass shopping but rather the inner strength to get over the pain. 155 more words


I Am #divorce #brokenHome #cheat #alimony #home

I’m the anchor chain plunging into the deep,
Summoned by the sombre sea bed, taut and steep.
I’m the anchor chain torn between the deep and the ship, 126 more words



I am pathetic. And ashamed (again) of what I have just done.

A friend just chatted me to say that he had met someone with Ex’s name, working for the same employer as Ex, over the weekend at a wedding in Lisbon. 651 more words

Moving On

Dear love...

Liking you from afar is so hard.

As if you were this magician. Everybody knew all of your tricks but me. You had me the moment you asked for a volunteer. 471 more words



Isaiah 25:8 (NCV)
“…he will destroy death forever.  The Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face.  He will take away the shame of his people from the earth.   236 more words


And so it begins...

Hello Everyone,

My last entry was way back in March and I’ve fallen off the radar a bit. I started dating a friend’s brother and quickly gained a complicatedly extended family and a new group of friends. 862 more words