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Novel Ideas on where to put my Pain

  1. In the chorus of a song, on repeat,
    for two weeks straight. Maybe more.
  2. In clean black marker lines, patterns
    that mean nothing, except to me.
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Pain Management

I’m in a quandary. I suffer from chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and arthritis, not to mention spinal deterioration. I have been the route of chiropractic and acupuncture. 62 more words

Chapter XXIII - Final truth fly away

I’ve never had anyone standing up for me that way before. It felt strange. Kim was right this evening took an interesting turn. We were singing around the bonfire, and I feel so grateful to have people who truly care about me. 1,657 more words

Mandi's World

Time heals all

Time heals all. This is something I continuously tell myself. I even have it tattooed on my shoulder. A constant reminder. Its my way of helping myself move past all the haunting memories.  341 more words



Heart full and heart hurt. It’s a strange dichotomy I’ve got going on right now. When you welcome deep feelings, and are open and vulnerable, the practice can pay off in a big way. 27 more words


too much coal

There is a darkness to my soul that is soaking in
a coldness that makes me back away again…
they can’t be trusted, i never should have opened up, 152 more words