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The Old Rugged Cross

The first verse of my favorite Lenten hymn goes like this:

“On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,
The emblem of suffering and shame; 624 more words


I’m in a world of hurt, a world of loss, a world of confusion….and all around me seems to be people that think “tough love” is the way to approach me. 12 more words


And to what mogul,

nose caked in caveats

weeping sputum wracked bastard

my blood spilt like spoiled ink

on absinthe canvases do these

cemeteries bloom in Latin backwards? 224 more words


Do what you love. Then do it more.

People often say to me, “Cameron, I hate my job.” My first instinct is to try to point out that they probably like 95% of it, but focus on the other 5%. 428 more words

Choices and Second Chances.

For those of you who are Jane Austen fans, you know what I mean when I say, “My good opinion, once lost is lost forever.” Similar to Mr. 705 more words

Story Telling

How do you tell a story you can barely remember the plot to?  I’m talking about the in-depth, detailed, action for action plot line.  What if the only thing that you know about that story is the two-liner description at IMDB or on the back of the dvd case?  894 more words


Breathe Your Air

Can I just breathe your air?

Even when you’re not here.

Dry away these tears.

Chase away my fears.

Say you understand.

And always be my man. 53 more words