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Disability Design

This morning I had a fall in my bathroom, I had stubbed my little toe badly just before, so was walking differently which when I went to the bathroom resulted in spams in my back, which caused the fall. 291 more words


Mortification Station

This is the rest

this is the stop

where I find

I have a tendency to flop

I’m on top of the world

everything is good… 88 more words


A difficult day.

Today hasn’t really got any better being honest. The physical anxiety seems to have lessened as the day wore on. When I arrived at work my friend Mark looked at me and said straight away “Are you okay? 503 more words

Design of Life

Life plays games
To hurt and cause pain
Or to make one be in form of illusions.
Friends pretend to be true
When you trust someone most… 49 more words


Invisible Illness MCS

I finally got over my writer’s block for this piece I was trying to write for and invisible illness project. I don’t know if it will suit their needs, so thought I would post it here as well. 910 more words

HTH Tuesday: The art of Love and Pain

Hey guys! I’m back again with another post. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been sooo (like really so) much busy with all this deadlines ( I don’t know but I think I keep on repeating this one from my last update). 522 more words


The family around you - how to support someone who has had heart surgery

As the daughter of a woman who has been so strong throughout my whole life, suffered from health issues and continued to be an inspiring and positive soul, I can find it so hard to know that the heart surgery is the first thing that has made my Mother a different woman. 556 more words

Heart Surgery