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Painful Please

I opened my eyes to the sound of your scream. I checked the clock. 2:30am. I sighed and prayed you would just go to sleep. The night was only half way over and this was the fourth time you’d woken me up. 667 more words

The Blessings of Trials

I’m formatting this post through tear-blurred vision, amazed once again by God’s mercy and grace. Those who know me personally know I’m not the most advanced-thinking, detail-oriented writer on the web. 1,513 more words

God's Authors

what you would have asked for

Pithy, precise, profound — those are the kinds of quotes God often uses to quicken and soften our hearts. But pithy and profound don’t come naturally for most of us. 387 more words


A Woman's Voice

In today’s society, it’s becoming much more difficult to stand tall and be reminded with Jesus in your heart you will be okay because of all the chaos unraveling around us. 232 more words


Stuck in a job that no longer holds light.
Stuck in a career that I find myself questioning daily
Stuck with a connection to an ex who will not (cannot?) let go… 183 more words


Invited, Uninvited Guest

When you battle a substance abuse problem, those who love you tend to have doubt. They doubt that you are going to be where you tell them you are going to be. 444 more words