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Me-1, Endo-0: I Kicked Some Endo Ass This Month

Me – 1, Endo – 0. That was the score this time around. Lets ignore the fact that realistically, the all-time score is probably close to Me – 3, Endo – 238402 and focus on this past month. 339 more words


Dear John

I’ve never had any experience of having a romantic relationship with the opposite sex yet, so I can’t really relate to this post much, but I’d like to write something dedicated to a friend of mine. 319 more words

Migraine a day

I never thought pain would stop me in my tracks and prevent me from living my life, but i was wrong. I watch and read all these upbeat soul inspiring stories and yet the one thing these people lack is pain. 501 more words


The Drugs do Work

Sometimes being on a lot of painkillers (Tramadol & Gabapentin) work in my favour (other than the intended use of getting rid of the pain). 53 more words

Welcome To My World

आख़री रात

क्या कल की सुबह यूं ही होगी,
या सहर में कुछ कमी होगी?

मेरी नादानियाँ, तेरी गालियाँ,
जब नहीं होगी…
मेरी चाट, तेरी डाँट,
जब नहीं होगी…


Putting Pain into Perspective

We can avoid cynicism and disillusionment not just by looking at Jesus, but also by seeing what Jesus is doing in our lives through the conflicts, heartaches, the sins, which are part of our daily existence wherever we are.


Just call me a LOLIPOP.

There is a girl who used to work on the night to sell satisfactions, many men who need a mischievous satisfaction comes, but only one, which always arrive on time, and always wanted her. 109 more words