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Veneers and façades

Today’s entry is a long one, since my progress on the cottage for the Undersized Urbanite contest has outpaced my blog’s posts.  I chose the title as both can refer to things pretending to be something else, and because they are literally what I have been working on for the past couple of months.  820 more words


Today is a unique opportunity to do something you never thought possible – live out your dreams. A vision is a picture God paints in your heart – a dream is how you look in that picture – TODAY is the canvas – PAINT!

Paint Zoom Sprayer Of

The paint zoom sprayer produces professional results rapidly and easily, and should come out on top while looking to paint almost any place in your own home. 208 more words


April 18

some days I am yellow
brighter than the sun
but if you ask the right questions
my illumination may come undone

some days I am gray… 49 more words


Projects: I Could Dye

The weekend is upon us! Pastel foils, cross-weave baskets and peeps diorama contests can only mean one thing…EASTER! I absolutely love this time of year and with Easter this Sunday, I thought I would share a fun DIY egg dye project to add a dozen pops of color to your decor, outdoor space, or office desk. 488 more words


Choosing New Paint Colors for the Whole House

As you might have noticed in the “before” kitchen photos, our house had CRAZY paint colors when we bought it. I’m honestly not sure why anyone would choose these. 701 more words

Paint Colors