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Gillian Flack exhibits at b Gallery



Painting has always been a large part of Gillian’s life – although originally she trained and worked as an occupational therapist in London. Influenced through instruction by Edward Wesson and Oliver Warman, she exhibits regularly in London at the ROI as well as in the provinces – accepting commissions both in the UK and abroad. 109 more words

Painter - Must be SF Resident & PAES/Calworks participant, UI Exhaustee, or Foster Youth

Job Description:

Prepare new and previously coated surfaces to receive paint. Perform minor carpentry as needed. Repairs to masonry, plaster, and drywall as needed. Apply new coatings by brush, roller, or spray. 147 more words

San Francisco

Humans Of London

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Humans Of London. 41 more words

Jacqueline Mia Exhibits on bGallery

To find out more about Jacqueline Mia and view her stunning work, use the links below …..





I produce vibrant, textured, tactile pieces using unusual materials to add dimension and intrigue to my work. 263 more words

Samantha's Artwork at bGallery

Samantha Payne is a Fine Artist from North London who focuses on the aesthetic of her work and its engagement with the viewer, rather than concept.   81 more words

Rob Cawley's Amazing Paintings on bGallery


Rob Cawley’s paintings speak to the senses rather than the intellect, deliberately challenging the need for intellectual rigor in creating an art work.They pay a passing homage to the ‘colour field’ works of Mark Rothko and the London paintings of Monet.Rob’s intention is to create an enjoyable presence much akin to a plant or the sun on your face. 7 more words