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the zone

It’s going a bit better today.

I’m so pleased, it takes me a couple hours to get into “the zone” and I got that today. Painting in half hour dribs and drabs is just frustrating.



a little bit of progress.

Each painting has this point where I think it’s not ever going to work. I just have to push through that. 26 more words


bush painting start

Ok enough fiddling around with the little birdies. I’ve been busy with quite a few school arts projects, not quite enough time to do larger work. 72 more words


swan art

I’m never happy with these, I can’t really catch much of that clean white soaring feeling. Nothing compares to being out on the snow and having these guys fly right over you, hearing their honks and the sound of their powerful wings. 12 more words


Behind the Scenes (Or the Headless Dancer)

A couple of weeks ago I finished this big painting, there was quite a bit of fun involved in painting it. I would like to share some images of the processes and a couple of videos that were the result of waaaay too many hours of painting. 230 more words

Artist's Life

Artwork underpainting continues

This small mixed media is “finished ” and when it dries very minor tonal gradation may be require in the background.

The underpaintings following need radical alteration notably ‘underpainting 8′ which is about halfway to getting there. 114 more words

Mixed Media

WIP...Brought to Life: Perennial Peavine, part 2

It’s time to add some color to the flowers and vines…first I block in general colors.

Then I add thin glazes of lighter colors for highlights and darker colors for shadows. 254 more words