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How to meet an art goal in five steps

About this time last year, a couple of my students brought me a good-sized chunk of mistletoe. They had climbed up a tree to gather it for me, and tied it up in a red plastic ribbon from a trash bag. 309 more words

Painting Process

Watercolour Myths & Fixes

The cool thing about Watercolour is that it is mostly not too difficult to fix.

The main issue most beginners in watercolour painting have is determining what the problem actually is!! 367 more words

Painting Process


Up until now I’ve just continued working on pieces until I no longer know what to do and things look OK but not fully polished. I think though, for the first time, I’ve finally managed to make something that feels finished! 178 more words


when all you've got's a sow's ear

Have you ever struggled to get into just the right spot when you’re painting in a group?

Everyone’s elbowing each other trying to get the best possie!! 253 more words

Painting Process

7 things i'm thinking while i'm painting watercolour

The superbly cool thing about watercolour is, once you’ve done all your research and preparatory drawings, design etc and you’re hitting paper with water … it’s all on … right now!! 352 more words

Painting Process


A2; ink, marker, gouache, watercolour, acrylic;

Main explorations and experiments:
First person perspective and (an imagined) Fish Eye effect.
Technique and the influence and interaction between different media. 568 more words


Making the cut

It may seem like a small thing to the outside observer, the final sorting of art, arranged and rearranged, stacked and unstacked. Counted. Counted over and over. 149 more words

Painting Process