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Weekly Painting Week 57 More Surf Art..and a good mistake.. perylene green for water

I was sorting paint and came to a tube that I thought was dried up –bought it that way the local art store, did not want to return it b/c hey, they are a locally owned store…next time check first! 78 more words

Weekly Painting

At Wave Hill in October

Where sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

This is the second painting from Wave Hill that I started a few weeks ago. It’s a grand west-facing panorama that captures the New Jersey Palisades along with a picture-perfect sky. 150 more words


How to Draw and Paint a Rose

Roses are one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers.  This is a technique for creating an attractive image of a rose in a short amount of time and without having to be too precise.   75 more words


Wave Hill, South by Southwest

Visit often and don’t wait so long to return

During the past few weeks there have been many distractions that have prevented me from painting and I miss it. 194 more words


Last Dibs for Fall, Brooklyn Backyard

Here today, gone tomorrow?

At least 170 viewers visited my home-turned-gallery this weekend for the Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists Open Studio Tour. It was more than I ever imagined would show up, and several paintings have gone to new homes, a few more are under consideration, some giclée prints are being made and framed for holiday gifts—and I am recovering from it all with a big, thankful smile on my face (and ouch, an ice pack on my back). 189 more words


How to Draw Still Life

Still life is a great way to improve every aspect of your drawing technique.  It improves your ability to observe and then record what you see accurately.   51 more words


Plein Air at the Lake

It was too nice to paint indoors today
I may be developing a neighborhood reputation as the lady wearing the Tilley Hat, carrying the white-hardware-store bucket filled with stuff. 94 more words