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Sverige för alltid! Week 60 Weekly painting Beautiful Sweden

Sverige för alltid! I looked at the stats for this blog this year- I have 537 views from Sweden! Awesome! So, this week I painted a lake in Sweden, from a Getty image. 22 more words

Weekly Painting

3pm, Almost Thanksgiving

A walk in Prospect Park, the day before.

There is an advantage to shorter daylight hours as winter approaches. The afternoon light is gorgeous amid the long shadows that rumble along the Long Meadow’s gentle hills. 168 more words


the devil is in the details

…as in how to paint them very softly.  I experimented a bit and found that using my fingers (gloved), then scraping back then using a big bristle brush and brushing vigorously vertically and horizontally… then scraping back again helped to soften the edges. 42 more words


the plan

The plan is to continue using soft sable brushes and work down the right side, bottom and up the left before finishing in the middle.  Keep the brush strokes very soft and create an “out of focus” feeling like the digital study (see previous post).


Weekly Painting Week 59- Small Packages Horse on the Beach 5 x 7 painting

Painting the same thing several times gives the artist a good look at all the details. Draw several sketches, then paint a small version. It sounds tedious, but I can tell you this is how I have created my best and favorite large works. 26 more words

Weekly Painting

Weekly Painting Week 57 More Surf Art..and a good mistake.. perylene green for water

I was sorting paint and came to a tube that I thought was dried up –bought it that way the local art store, did not want to return it b/c hey, they are a locally owned store…next time check first! 78 more words

Weekly Painting

At Wave Hill in October

Where sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

This is the second painting from Wave Hill that I started a few weeks ago. It’s a grand west-facing panorama that captures the New Jersey Palisades along with a picture-perfect sky. 150 more words