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Life just gets complicated

I stand amazed that the world still exists after my long absence. I went no where, but it was a revelation. I so wanted my site to reflect the life of an artist, it does, but perhaps I could do better. 34 more words


X press ions

As an artist, one of the best parts of the internet today is having unlimited access to art and   artists –  historical and contemporary. Pretty much anything you want to know or learn about can be found at your fingertips. 324 more words



Life is such a process. This painting was no different! I have been in and out of a season of feeling stuck and highly critical of my art, where I feel like I have nothing to offer, nothing to create. 214 more words

turquoise and gold: 2/26

here is the second painting of the series.

i didn’t like the way the colors transferred on the scan so i included another picture with natural light – the gold is only fun when you can actually tell it’s gold. 65 more words


Gray Matter

When I moved in a year ago, my whole apartment was painted an ugly off-white color. And when I say the whole apartment, I mean THE WHOLE APARTMENT – the walls, doors, trim and ceiling were all painted the same color. 194 more words