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Monday Miniatures: High Wizard

The most interesting thing about this weeks mini is that everyone chose basicly the same color scheme. Apparently this model is just begging for blue robes. 230 more words


new diptych

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a challenge.  The two together measure 5′ high by 8′ wide.


more cows, day 2

Maybe more of an s-curve on the willows?


Sketchbook Corner 2

I bring you another edition of my Sketchbook Corner, this time with some doodles from class notebooks and some watercolor paintings I’ve been working on.  The paintings were both done on the same night, a particularly lonely Friday where I found myself in a creative frenzy, supplemented by a BBC miniseries. 57 more words



I found this beautiful little window in a skip. It has rusty hinges, nails sticking out, paint cracking off all over, the handle broken and dangling off and it had a very dirty glass pane. 150 more words


Where We Are Going...

Where we are going,
Enigmas await
With hands extended
Bearing ripe stones,
Expressionless cabochon
Droplets of stilted rain,
Or a petty curse from
The fountains below. 74 more words


The Process Of Preparing Your Iron Fence for Painting

The painting of the iron fence in not an easy task and all the painting efforts could go in vain if the fence is not well prepared for the painting work. 495 more words

Iron Fence