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Pairings #4: Cuvee des Jacobins and Skygreen Leopards

The real pairing here should be Skygreen Leopards and summer but that’s not what I’m doing with this so get over it.  I guess that means I should pick some kind of summer beer ( 237 more words



Come potevo inaugurare la nuova categoria se non partendo con la mia OTP?
Spiderman. Deadpool. Spideypool. Ovvero i tizi qui sotto e qui sopra.

Vorrei poter dar per scontato che tutti li conoscano, ma purtroppo non è così, quindi partirò con il presentarli a… 401 more words


Wine Wednesday

If I told you Italy is permanently one of the top three countries in the world in wine production, exports/imports and consumption would you be surprised? 276 more words

Pairings #3: Oatmeal Yeti & Lawrence English

Lawrence English is one of the best experimental composers from the last decade.  Kiri No Oto is a goddamn masterpiece (and yeah yeah, full disclosure I released the thing on vinyl) and other recent notches in his discography have left their mark. 213 more words


The Beer & Cheese Biz

How do you tell a story about pairing food? “Oh, you should have been there, in my mouth, as the Abbaye de St. Bon Chien broke holes like caul fat through the stinkiest cheese, so stinky you could smell it in your eyes, and it melted together like the Steadfast Tin Soldier and his parchment girlfriend…” Right. 537 more words


Wine Wednesday

YAHOOOO I am fiiiinnnallly done with the France chapter of my studies. That’s not to say I won’t have to go back and study the crap out of it but it is nice to move on to Italy with words that are easier to pronounce. 191 more words


Tuesdays with Kelsey

Tuesday is officially my favorite day of the week. St. Clair Brown, a new wine kitchen that is just a five minute walk away, hosts a Locals Night on Tuesdays where they offer half off all glasses of wine. 416 more words