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Pairings for July 25th, G/45 Round 5

1 Sinclair (3.5)-Kopiecki (3.5)

2 Guevara (2.5)-Cimafranca (3)

3 Murphy (2.5)-Lawson (2.5)

4 Genkin (2.5)-Mordukhay (2.5)

5 Sasmor (2)-Arluck (2)

6 Felber 92)-Lorenzo (2)

7 Rawlins (2)-Muwwakkil (2) 19 more words


Totally sustainable

Organic farm to table sustainably grown and harvested subliminal.


Part Nouveau: The Ultimate Pairings Website

As a self proclaimed art and fashion nerd I love visual pairings and thinking about how images relate to each other both visually and conceptually. Lilah Ramzi, author and curator of the website… 89 more words


Cheese Plate Pointers

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these before…                 








And sure, they’re kind of fun, because maybe you get to use mini-sword toothpicks, but there isn’t much diversity of flavor, texture, or aroma among the cheeses on this plate. 626 more words


Pairings: Silver Faces

Starting your monday off with Silver faces…

L: Malgosia Bela by Mario Sorrenti for Self Service Magazine #30 - R: Kelly Mittendorf by Jens Langkjaer for Schön Magazine #25


Weekend Movie and Cocktail Pairing: Algorithm and the Whistleblower Cocktail

To commemorate the launch last Monday of cyberwar, cryptocurrency, and hacker news site The Cryptosphere, and this weekend’s HOPE-X conference in Manhattan that I am missing, we present an indie film about hackers, leakers, and being caught in a government-sponsored web. 275 more words


Late lunch summer afternoon

Clear, pale ruby colour; aromas of vanilla, cherries and earthy notes; extra dry and light bodied with flavours of red cherry; medium length finish, drink now. 124 more words