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Veterans, Caregivers Learn to Be Healing to Each Other in Innovative Warrior to Soul Mate Programs

“There is significantly greater understanding, an enhanced ability to resolve conflict in a positive way, really talk to and hear one another, and have new ways of nurturing a close intimate, and respectful relationship with each other, which then affects the entire household in a positive way.”

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Case Study #1: Leta Sobierjski: Odd Pairs Campaign

Leta Sobierjski is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn whose works exhibit a surreal yet fresh mood. Her works depict a joyful and macabre look that are both uneasy and seductive.


Paris 2014 Part 3: Disneyland Paris

Day two was the most exciting day of the trip because it was my first trip to Disneyland!! We didn’t have tickets for the Walt Disney Studios Park, but I don’t think we would have had time anyway. 272 more words


The Magic Of Pairs

When we’re decorating a area, whether it is in a catalog or for our own home, some items just perform. Symmetry is one of those items. 34 more words

This is not the ark

A friend and I were venting about the affront of being asked as single travellers to either pay a whopping single supplement* or bunk up with a complete stranger that the tour company offers to find. 295 more words

$100 Million Reveals Who Can Save Your Marriage

“Marriage and relationship educators can’t own marriage or divorce any more than marriage counselors or therapists. As a field, we can help couples who want their marriages to succeed learn skills to increase warmth, happiness, stability, reduce conflict, distress, and infidelity.

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The Perfect Pair!

It’s National Sibling Day! Whether they’re your best friend or your favorite rival, being a sibling is pretty cool. You have a friend for life and a relationship designed to last the test of time! 223 more words