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Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat from Your Head To Your Feet [Download]

Puzzle Games | Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat from Your Head To Your Feet

While trying to get a new Pajama Man Action Figure our littlest Hero Pajama Sam ends up on Mop Top island where junk food and healthy food are at a disagreement. 20 more words

nam pants & smelly corners

They rest on the top of the pajama drawer with as many memories as there are stitch marks in the seams. The smells of the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam and Siem Riep, Cambodia are surprisingly things that I miss and things I wish still lived in the pants. 267 more words

Jordan's Pajama Party

Thought of The Night:

I agree the Pajama Party is a stupid thing to do in Jordan……can we do a lingerie party instead pls.??!! can I pick who comes too??!! :)

Good Night and…..Good Luck



Sleep In.

Along with ice cream and vodka, sleep is probably my #3 survival requirement.  Not just any old sleep, GOOD sleep.  The kind where you don’t remember falling asleep and the first (and only) time you open your eyes is when the alarm goes off.   203 more words

Style & Fashion

Pajama pants

I didn’t have a pattern for these and tried to copy a pair of pajama pants made by Peter Alexander. I thought it would be nice to test out the Elna f4 serger I recently got my mother to retrieve out of storage. 141 more words


My Pajama I'll Never Know

I min säng har jag ett humongous jättestort täcke. Eller det är faktiskt två täcken som sitter ihop med knappar, så man kan alltså både välja att ha det som ett enda humongous täcke eller som två normalstora. 502 more words