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All about Fisherman's pants

Thai fisherman pants are worn by many people who aren’t Thai fishermen because they’re unisex, the material they are made with is lightweight and extremely comfortable, and the adjustable waist length makes it perfect for women who are pregnant or for anyone who needs a wide range of movement without being confined by a waistband (such as when exercising or backpacking). 189 more words


"Amazing funny direction from God"

Early morning today I woke up from a dream.

You know for the whole week, I’ve been searching for my pajama–the one that had been given to me from a mom we ministered couple of months ago. 836 more words


Pajama Sam's Lost & Found: An Animated Arcade Game (It's a Junior Arcade for Kids Ages 3-8)

Arcade Games | Pajama Sam’s Lost & Found: An Animated Arcade Game (It’s a Junior Arcade for Kids Ages 3-8)

Climb aboard and join Pajama Sam as he jumps and glides through wild worlds, collecting toys, and dodging dangers along the way! 24 more words

Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside [Download]

Puzzle Games | Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside

Sam is ready to face his fear of the dark, following his favorite comic book Superhero Pajama Man he takes up the identity of Pajama Sam as he journeys into his imagination to the land of Darkness. 16 more words

"...in the winter when it is cold."

“I like the new pajamas.  I will wear them in the winter when it is cold.  I like the book too.”

Choosing Pajamas

It is simple to just choose any drab clothing as pajama when the first is still single. Have a classic and torn t-shirt plus it can get a person sleeping for your evening. 358 more words

Taobao Agent

Throwing PJs

This morning, I woke up with my one year old daughter throwing stuff at me. It is actually an indication that she wants us to wake up and take her to her regular morning stroll. 23 more words