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How to Win General Elections?

I have been away from the country on work assignment but hardly a day passes by without me checking into the latest happenings in the country. 1,555 more words


Bajet Alternatif 2015 Pakatan Rakyat : Satu bajet atau manifesto pilihanraya?

Secara keseluruhannya, saya suka dengan semangat yang dibawakan oleh Bajet Alternatif Pakatan Rakyat tahun ini. Semangatnya lebih jelas dengan senarai tindakan-tindakan yang mahu mereka laksanakan dan bagaimana boleh dilaksanakan. 414 more words

Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua showed us how they view PAS' role in Pakatan Rakyat

Below is a news excerpt on what two much maligned Pakatan mouthpieces, Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua had to say about their relationship with PAS: 930 more words

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Aftermath of the Selangor Menteri Besar Impasse

The Selangor Menteri Besar impasse has left a bitter taste in many of our mouths, especially of those in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition. Inter alia, we have seen bickering, backstabbing, craven acts, and a myriad of volte-face. 602 more words

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Kenyataan Media: Pemuda PAS perlu bicara usaha perkukuh tahaluf siyasi, bukan soal bila mahu keluar Pakatan


Saya rujuk kenyataan yang dibuat Naib Ketua Pemuda PAS, Ir Khairil Nizam Khiruddin yang berkata, “Biasalah bergabung ini ada orang degil dan tidak. 165 more words


What a crock! Abolish the sultanate which only habours leeches and parasites. // Anwar blinked, as usual Epitaph V

That was some mushy soap-opera! Anwar had us believe that all that shenanigan was just an elaborate exercise in standing firm against an imaginary predator. It was actually simply an outright capitulation of a poorly conceived strategy against a no-nonsense referee.The fact that he blinked have been his trademark.

44 more words

Clarity of Pakatan Rakyat Break-up with PAS

After a month of arduous representation to the Sultan of Selangor and his royal “anger” at PKR and DAP regarding their “disobedience” to his decree to have at least 2 names nominated, while PAS at their Central Committee level agree to nominate Wan Azizah and Azmin finally ended up with Hadi Awang nominating 3 candidates totally different from the PAS CC, including one PAS candidate. 474 more words

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