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24 April, 2014 16:06




حامد میر پر حملے پر جتنا بھی افسوس کیا جائے کم ہے۔ شہزاد چوہدری کی ندیم ملک لائیو میں گفتگو


Pakistani jets attack Taliban bases

Al Jazeera English

At least 37 people have been reported killed and 18 injured in air raids, according to military sources, against what the Pakistani military has termed “terrorist hideouts” in the Khyber tribal area. 201 more words


Hamid Mir endorses brother’s claims of threats from ISI:Geo tv

Source: http://www.geo.tv/article-145634-Hamid-Mir-endorses-brothers-claims-of-threats-from-ISI

KARACHI: Senior anchorperson Hamid Mir who was critically injured in an armed attack is his first statement issued after regaining consciousness that his programme ‘Capital Talk’ on Mama Qadeer Baloch’s long march to Islamabad had annoyed the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). 226 more words

The Dronification of State Violence, Part II: Historical Origins

Previous section: Life and Death in the West Wing

Historical Origins of the Predator War in Pakistan

In this section, we briefly trace the geographic and historical antecedents of the Predator war in Pakistan. 2,115 more words


The Chai Shop

‘Rite of Passage’ definition:


  1. a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life, especially birth, puberty, marriage, and death.

As young women growing up in Pakistan our “rite of passage” at boarding school was getting into high school and being able to go to the ‘Chai Shop’. 499 more words

Third Culture Kid

Suddenly Sudan

Thanks for the feedback from the Zimbabwe blog. This weeks edition is more concise, but just as packed. Please comment and share!

The Big Issue: South Sudan… 351 more words

Unlikely charge: Bail granted to a man arrested 11 years after robbery

LAHORE: A three-member bench of the Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to a man whom police had apparently implicated in a fake robbery case. 86 more words

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