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Euro Trip Part I: The Burgs not the 'Berg

After finally making it through the craziness that was July, Jon and I enjoyed our incredible adventure of traveling through 4 different countries within 2 weeks to see family, friends, and more family. 863 more words


Playing House in Paris

When I reevaluated my travel plans a few weeks ago and decided to cut my time in Southeast Asia shorter than planned, I picked a place in Europe that I really wanted to explore and learn more about. 1,058 more words

There's Palaces....Then There's Versailles

Someone once said “There’s palaces and then there’s Versailles.” Well he or she definitely was not exaggerating. Château de Versailles is unlike any other palace that I have seen. 298 more words

Trip Planning

Silver and Gold

… a great deal of which were no doubt required to design, build and maintain the beautiful suites of the Chateau de Versailles, which we in North America know as the Palace of Versailles.


Let them Eat ... Brioche

Crowds of fellow visitors aside, the  Palace of Versailles is unlikely to elicit neutral reactions from travellers. Elegant and opulent by turn, and often in hand, many of the suites look out onto equally grand gardens. 199 more words